Yo, I’m Ambz.

I’m a speaker, writer and teacher.

Mostly, I’m just boldly facetious.

Our philosophy is to cultivate a conscious awareness for deeper self and life connection by changing the way we use our mind and thus, see the world through balanced eyes and experience it’s diversity as the adventure it is


What I do

Feel Free in 15 Minutes

Grab this free audio training and get the emotional and mental clarity you need to build resilience (instead of being an emotional mess and eating too much cake, even though the cake is yum. When you feel free, the cake isn’t burying your emotions) and take charge of your life.

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Calm Mind Co

Calm Mind Co aims to teach 1 million people how to live from a state of calm, coherence and heart centred existence. We run events, programs and are building an app to launch in the first quarter of 2021.

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Anything I offer comes back to a single, clear objective: self realisation. As in, you know in your being who you are and have inextricable trust in self and life. The Alchemy Retreat and The Sovereign Space event involve healing and recalibration at every level and the SuperCharged Program provides a blueprint for your souls creative expression. My book is a slice of insight of Amber circa 2016. Despite my growth, it still holds drabs of wisdom, albeit a little less graceful than today’s writings. Check out offerings for more.

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