Hi, I'm Amber Hawken.

I've worked with humans for more than a decade.

I reverence our natural ability to emotionally and mentally self heal and spiritually actualise.

In all I do, I aim to restore in each person this innate intelligence. This space is an invitation to connect with and trust in your intelligence to heal, generate and create with ease.

What I do


The Alchemy Retreats I host bi-annually for both men and women are the physical manifestation of the multi modalities I have trained in and studied across the last decade. This includes a strong focus on co-facilitation with other therapists, healers and masters of their field.
My work with intimate groups and more extensive online programs supports people to practically apply the universal principles of the divine matrix into creative purpose, wealth, and relationships. Deep healing often naturally flows into creative work and business for many of my clients. My offerings like SuperCharged and THRILLS inc focus on the core elements of the marriage between mastering energetic work with grounded and aligned action in life. Check out the Offerings tab on the menu to learn more.

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Free Audio Training

FEEL FREE: Cultivate the Skill of Emotional Regulation and Release. Grab this free audio training and cultivate the black belt skill of self regulation and trust anchored in conscious presence. I personally guide you through a technique that supports you to stay with, rather than run from, feeling, emotion and intensity within self and life. It’s incredibly potent, simple and effective.

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Calm Mind Co

As of Jan 2022, Calm Mind Co is in the final stages of developing an app that teaches people precisely how to restore the breathing mechanism and innate intelligence alive in each of us that cultivates calm, clarity, creativity, connection and consciousness.

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