Using Mindfulness To Not Let Emotions Run Your Life (Inc. Eating) | Just Be You Podcast | Amber Hawken

It’s not ever about the body

In this special edition podcast, the roles have reversed and I am the interviewee. Kylie Mcbeath, co-founder of the holistic digital program Zura Health holds the mic this time as we role-reverse – you will recognise the wisdom of her voice from my most recent podcast episode, Empowering Your Needs + Breaking Through.

I share loads about my experience in the health and fitness worlds that ultimately led me to the work I do today, and how something like emotional eating goes deeper than our relationship to food.

Time and again I’ve seen the one thing that can crush an otherwise empowered and successful person: lack of emotional awareness, mental empowerment, and overall self-connection.

I can’t stress these factors enough.

If you’re not seeing the results that you want from your self love affirmations, endless diets, and strict eating and exercise regimes, this message is for you. By results, I don’t just mean physical, I’m talking about achieving a deep sense of emotional fulfilment and love within. If you want to look in the mirror and feel gratitude and freedom, you must learn how to work with your mind and emotions so you are no longer their servant. We discuss (to name a few):

    • The core cause behind our unhealthy relationship to food and our body
    • A question to ask yourself that may radically change your life
    • An easy-peasy meditation practice
    • The core human needs
    • Disconnection = not living an alignment
    • Tools and action steps to cultivate deeper connection to self
    • Identifying our core values
    • Emotional resiliency and why it’s so effing important
    • Understanding emotional data

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Discipline, self connection, and emotional resilience are REQUIRED LIFE SKILLS if you want to let go of control, radiate with confidence, and find the happiness that you deserve.

Let me know over on insta (@amber_hawken) what this conversation brought up in you and drop a comment about your biggest takeaway.

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