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I worked with someone yesterday who was in a very dark place.

She shared that she didn’t want to be here anymore. 

My intention was to bring her back into a place of peace so she knew what it felt like to be here in life without suffering. From there, it’s not about getting away from pain, numbing, fixing or saving. It’s about returning. 

This extreme example may not be personally relevant to you, but the practice is as powerful and useful for someone moving through their next paradigm of financial success and career expansion as it is to move through trauma. In the end it’s all fear, just in a different form. 

I guided her into a deep space of holding at the place that her mind was telling her to run from and end it all. It’s very simple. But it takes practice. We’re so used to escaping into our mind or pushing through pain as opposed to pausing and letting it empty and clear. Yes, it’s possible. 

85 minutes later, with a lot of energy shifted, a lot of silence, plenty of silent tears, and trust that ensued a gentle invitation to stay with and feel what arose, clarity arrived and she felt entirely different about life and possibility. This is why I never stop talking about presence and building our capacity to move into intensity. (Yes, she has ongoing support and is safe). 

This simplicity is by far one of the most difficult practices for humans. Because even though the brain processes physical and emotional pain differently, the cascade of triggers in the body are the same. Feelings actually “hurt” and to the primitive mind, emotional pain is as dangerous as being stabbed or beaten. Hence we resist it. 

If there is one thing I have learned from nearly a decade of working with people in the darkest of places, or inversely, those at the point of teetering the edge of leaping into their next paradigm of success in life, it’s this…

Our block, problem or pain is never what we THINK it is. It’s actually how we react to and think about pain or the idea of pain. 

It’s what we think about what we feel a particular thought on a situation, that hurts. 

When we are emotionally charged, the mind is a spider web, ready to capture fear and hold onto it at all costs. 

Thoughts are an attempt to gain mental control for a feeble sense of false safety. 

It’s literally why there is so much noise upstairs when emotions are high. 

It’s a survival mechanism to escape discomfort of feelings. 

Thinking often perpetuates or simply deflects it. 

We can absolutely change how we see something and shift the emotions, but more often than not, it’s difficult in the moment, and therefore, the capacity to pause, drop in and feel through it, will naturally enable fresh insight and clear perspective to land. 

Returning to a place of power is grounded in presence. When you can be with intensity, life’s your oyster to throw lemons on and swallow it whole. 

I know the difference this work makes, I see it ripple into the lives of those who attend my Alchemy Retreat. This level of work is for those who want the personal exploration into their truest nature, emotions, mind and energy. You can apply here by filling out these questions and our team will be in touch. 

We all deserve to feel alive and connected inside.

Joy is our natural state of being and we all fucking deserve it. I’ll do my best to contribute by collecting my best teachings around it and put it all together for you. 

This case was deeper work and I don’t see it as often as I used to.

But I know that this time of year triggers many people into scarcity, stress, fear, resistance and overwhelm, as well as feelings of loneliness and worthlessness. So I wanted to speak to it. I am going to create a little package to support emotional clearing, mental clarity, inner calm and self connection. 

There is no substitute more potent that grounded self connection and a humble acceptance of right now. Presence is power, self connection is the lubrication of joy, and breath cultivates a deep anchoring of this through our being and into our life. Hugs,


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