Why Letting Go Is Bad Advice | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Meditation

If you’re holding a pen in your hand that’s leaking toxic ink, it’s obvious enough what you need to do to let it go. You simply release your grip and the pen falls away. 

Emotions, on the other hand, you cannot touch with your hand, so if they’re giving you strife, how can you know what you need to do to let go if you don’t even know how you’re holding on?

Let’s begin there then, understanding the grip we have and how to release it. 

In short, we don’t need to let go of emotions, we need to relax around them.

When we relax, our energy becomes soft, and the grip of our contracted energy releases and the emotions we were trying to not feel can move through us. 

When the emotions shift, our mind becomes clearer, and the stickiness of the emotions that made it difficult to let go of blame, shame, pain, guilt, criticism, anger, spite, jealousy, etc are easier to observe and more malleable. 

That is to say, we can often find such relief in the emotions that the mental noise softens and we can change thought direction with less effort than if we are trying to ‘let go’ of emotional pain and a story at the same time. 

I recorded a little practice that involves some breathwork, deep state presence combined with an ancient Hawaiian prayer. Ho’oponopono is a very ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving. The original Hawaiians, the first people who lived in Hawaii, used to practice it. 

It creates a working partnership between the three parts of the mind or self: subconscious, conscious, and superconscious. This allows us to reclaim inner balance and healing. 

Give it a crack, treat-yo-self to this sweet sweet 17 minutes me guiding you back to balance. 

You got this.


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