The Two Sides of Victim Consciousness | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness Based CBT

Are you aware of how victim consciousness shows up for you?

We’ve all got it.

We’re all here to heal from it.

Right now there is an intense activation in the collective of it, so this may be insightful for many, particularly right now.

The Two Faces of Victim Consciousness

  • I don’t need any help (protecting yourself from vulnerability, still driven by fear)
  • I need *all* of the help  (you’re enabling fear by not helping yourself).

I just went through the portal of it (we each ride multiple times on the spiral during our lives) rather un-gracefully. Thanks for my peeps @pope_ryan_ and @pathtoconnection for holding space for my processing.

I’d write an article on it except truly, everything that needs to be said (on a blog post) is said in the video. And, I have a wee baby who is rather hungry this morning I’d prefer to be hanging with.

So spend eight minutes listening in and noticing what resonates. I’d love to hear your thoughts below. If you find it helpful, or think it might be in the future; be sure to save it and or pass it on so someone who might need it right now ✨🧡

With love,

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