Veni Vidi Amavi

Where Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Teachers meet to change the world!


Entrepreneur is the new black.
And Spiritual is the new Entrepreneur.

I feel as though it is somewhat, the duty of care for those who are creating a platform and essentially in a position of influence,  to ensure that the foundation of any new business, encompasses a model of giving back; philanthropy.

Veni, Vidi Amavi, is latin for We Came, We Saw, We Loved

Most business fail even without the added integration of merging with or becoming a non-for profit and what we need are not just educators in philanthropic start ups, but also people who are experienced, credible and successful experts in entrepreneurial based business models.

On top of that, the work-life in-balance is becoming quite the stress on our minds, bodies and spirits. Taking the ‘a drop of prevention is better than a cup of a cure’ philosophy, it's essential that business owners are adopting a conscious approach to life, work and personal evolution to ensure their efforts to conquer success don't become a self righteous journey.

With intentions that are pure and heads that are full of hustle and inspiration, this event aims to bring together business, philanthropy and conciseness creating a new norm in the entrepreneurial space. 

I believe because we do have an opportunity, it’s an obligation to act. Now more than ever, the world needs both our talents and our compassion.

This way, love, happiness, fulfilment, healing, environmental sustainability, equality, education, empowerment and people creating the career of their dreams are collectively executed.

Just like a new foal requires help from it’s mother to find it’s legs, the new emerging generation of freedom seekers; wether fresh outta school or old school ready to start a fresh; could do with some guidance from the leaders in the industry of business, growth, philanthropy and consciousness. 

Truthfully, we all can.

I feel we are in a time where, if we don’t, we may end up breaking earth.

Veni Vidi Amavi intersects entrepreneurship, philanthropy and enlightenment.

This event is about sharing wisdom and educating each other how to effectively express our unique values through a business, and embodying the mission that each of us share within our soul - to give to each other for the sake of another's fulfilment and freedom. 

Two days of leaders in these three areas, standing on stage, inspiring, educating, sharing their journey, their tools, their wisdom for the same collective goal;

Shifting the direction of the world, for the betterment of the world and everyone in it.

Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Plus, attendance encompasses an opportunity for one person, chosen through an application process to receive a monetary grant and more importantly, a master mind power chat, where the speakers from the event each listens and give feedback and direction on your business idea. 

Of course, 50% of the profits from the event are split between the chosen NGO of each speaker.

Coming October 2017

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