Unpacking Sabotage: A Deeper Understanding of Healing | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

Sabotage is just outdated self-protection.  

Healing is a heartache and can be difficult to achieve (if we fight it) because strangely, we have to face the part of us that refuses to eliminate the original wound. Healing also draws us closer to its source.

To heal is to first get close to the nature of the hurt by opening to it when you feel it in the present.
To notice where you’re being poked and choose to do something about it, to change the reaction you’ve been letting lead your life.

The honouring of its course coming to an end is accompanied by grief and acknowledgement, that with a fresh beginning comes with a letting go. Sometimes we prefer to struggle with this because a part of us believes it should be hard.

That we simply cannot touch the place, release and reframe (or have it reframed through the release of emotion). So I suggest a simple remedy, which is, as we approach its raw centre, to reimagine our relation to it. To believe a new thing about what it was and what it means. And choose to let that lead our lives.

I believe all experiences are full of golden nuggets.

Sometimes they hurt like fuck, but the gold is always in the shadows 🙂

This video may be a little triggering, and whilst I’m a firm teacher of honouring our capacity to change our world right in the now, there’s no denying that there is a time and a place for working back and collapsing sabotage at the core.

This kind of shadow work and healing is included at my Alchemy retreats.

It’s women’s only, and together we go through cell deep processes, to unlock your full potential as a sovereign being who leads their life from a place of empowered clarity, cultivating a mindset of long-term, sustainable success, and freedom of thought – for life.

You will be supported through experiences, workshops and techniques, so not only will you be DOING the practical work, but, you’ll be embodying it in your BONES, to ensure you can return to the power of you at any time you need in your life.

We still have a few places left for which you can apply here. 

Please comment below the self-sabotage you would like to unpack and dissolve! I’d love to hear from you.




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