Amber's Debut Book

The Unfu*kwithable Life is your go-to manual for living authentically.


An Unfu*kwithalbe Life is one of emotional, mental and most of all spiritual freedom.

Wether you are a seasoned personal development addict or you prefer not to venture into 'self help-woo-woo-crap', The Unfu*withable Life, will provoke you to think much more deeply and profoundly about how you define yourself, happiness and success and ultimately challenge you to access your highest level of fulfilment. 



1. to be in a state of such self-connection and acceptance that peace, authenticity, joy, and inspiration permeate every aspect of life, and fear cannot stop you.

7 Codes to Learn How and Why Right Now is a Good Time to Just Be You.

It encompasses 7 codes, each containing punchy lessons for mastering the expression of your soul whilst simultaneously, navigating though this imperfect human experience. 

Shameless and uncensored, this book will knock the wind out of your ego and put the sail back into your soul.

It will force you to get uncomfortably honest with yourself, so you can shatter the limits you’ve been clinging to for comfort. 

It’s designed to teach the greatest lessons of self mastery and spiritual philosophy through humour and straight shooting advice, to trigger a force deep inside of you that’s here for something spectacular. 

From the preface

What’s Stopping us from being Unfuckwithable?

What if I told you that the root of all evil was not money? It’s also not men or religion. The greatest affliction that plagues this planet isn’t pollution or Big Pharma.

It’s not even tomatoes. I fucking hate those things. *sigh*

No. It is inauthenticity.

The antidote is inversely authenticity accessed through connection.

We are living in an age of addiction to short-term, instant stimulation and gratification, which is quite literally at our fingertips. This accessibility makes it difficult to change the shit that we don’t like about our lives because the stimulation acts as a numbing agent. It distracts us from the discomfort created by being inauthentic. It numbs the uneasiness enough for us to ignore the fact that we do not really know ourselves anymore, and, thus, we do not know what we crave at a deeper level. Alas, we settle for much less than our soul desires.

We look around; most people are doing the same thing, so this insanity is barely questioned. We accept quick-fixes and mistake the Band-Aid solution for happiness, even though it is not all that we are capable of experiencing in life.

The 7 Codes are:

1. Be fearlessly authentic

Strip back all the dishonest layers of who you thought you were, who you think you need to be, what you think you need to do and say and act like and dress like, and how you think that you need to live.

How to do you do this? Work through shame, anxieties, and self-doubt. Access vulnerability, and, most of all, find an invincible peace within yourself. To be fearlessly authentic is to live congruently with your truest values despite the fear that so naturally resides within our human existence.

2. Love and Accept yourself unconditionally.

End the internal battle that leads you to sabotage and shrink away from your potential. Tap into conscious awareness. Let go of the victim mentality. Let go of blame, guilt, resentment, and fear that is holding you back. Nurture the titanium strength of kindness and compassion. No Jedi mind games with your insecurities, stop sabotaging yourself. Phew. And thus…

3. Lead with your heart, guide with your head.

Build your life from creativity and purpose instead of approaching it with suspicion and agonizing doubt. Instead of fear shutting you down, allow it to light you up. Embrace the age old battle between what we value and what our minds say we should value. Find out what it is that you want to do with your life in each moment, and discover how the bloody hell to find the courage to do it. This code is truly the difference between existence and living. Grind, but flow with grace.

4. Feel it and free it.

Detox emotionally, man. Get that build-up of suppressed emotions that are creating noxious environments in your body, disrupting your life, and stimulating an undercurrent of emotional turbulence that has become so familiar that heaviness is normal. Learn how to let it go. Learn how to work with emotions, create a healthy relationship with this very normal human part of us, and discover how to listen to them. Dig up what needs to be released. Be able to express your emotions rather than projecting them or being run by them.

5. Get Connected

Seek connection. And I do not mean your thumb to your phone screen scrolling through Facebook or your hands on a glass of Pinot Grigio. Find a connection to your purpose, connection to your breath, and connection to inspiration, calmness, intuition and life force. Connect to how to be utterly right here right now, living. No planning, no thinking, no over-analysing, just live your life. And when you do think, it will come from a place of love and inspiration not from a place of fear of the past or want for the future. Everything you ever need is in that space

6. Choose love.

Learn to live in a state of awareness of your mind’s constant fabricated story about how rejection and failure surround every decision that you make. Figure what the heck love is, not the romantic kind but the kind that will make you fall deeply in love with life. Live openly, screw superficial stimulation and short-term fixes. Reveal to yourself your divinity, and revere in the essence that all beings reflect this inherent element of the divine. 

7. Nurture your wild side.

Inject unfuckwithable into your veins. Embrace the how to attitude and mindset of unfuckwithable. Break through old conditioning; bring forth strength and depth into your every day; make unfuckwithable something tangible with action steps and palpable wisdom that you can weave into life.

These seven codes can serve as anchor questions. When you find yourself in a life pickle, you can learn to ask:

Am I just being me right now?

Am I choosing love?

Have I loved and accepted unconditionally?

I wrote this book how I would talk to my best friend. I wanted to write something simple, light, and practical that anyone can read and take inspired action, be it changing the way that they think or changing what they are doing.

I felt there were so many options for people who are already on the search and feel they’re connected, but what about people who are still figuring this shit out? Because I know I still am, and probably always will be. I need reminding of who I am and how to return to that place all the time.

Meet the author, Amber Hawken:

Amber is an Australian country gal with a big, bold, and audacious heart. A Diploma of Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist are some of the professional qualifications and tools that Amber brings to her work around emotional, mental, and spiritual self-mastery. She is the author of The Unfuckwithable Life - and a host of the Podcast and YouTube Be Unfuckwithable.

Amber’s previous work in medicine, with a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science: Radiation Therapy, steered her to study neuroscience, mind-body connection, and spiritual philosophy. Amber brings both practicality and an open, rational, and well-rounded perspective to everything that she does. She is mischievously antagonistic and facetious as a speaker, writer, and mentor, dedicated to helping people find what it is that they stand for within themselves and in life. She uses what may seem like counter intuitive approach to self-help. Amber has been single-handedly running her own company of retreats, live events, one on one coaching, and online programs for half a decade giving her tremendous amounts of experience and excellent success rates with over a thousand clients.

Amber’s education, work, and relationships contribute to the genuine wisdom and expertise in everything that she teaches

"Amber has this incredible way of awakening your soul, inspiring you to take control of your life and to own every inch of who you are."

Ellen Travassaros

"The best thing about Amber is, you know change is about to happen at a new level. After working with her, I am so empowered. I recognise my gifts and true potential and have completely changed my thinking. My life is so much more fulfilling instead of shallow and uncertain. My mind is my greatest tool and she taught me this so well."

Andrea Thorpe

"Amber has a unique ability to really understand human fulfillment and what it takes to make necessary changes to live an extraordinary life"

Kristie Ord