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There is nothing more powerful than radical honesty with yourself. The truth is our path to freedom.

In are effort to be more “there”, we’ve stopped telling ourselves the truth about what we want and it is holding us back in every way.

I believe our world has the habit of getting caught up with where we should be, and this has leaked into self help and spiritual practices.

It’s my opinion, and I truly believe that the most vital step in our growth is admitting where we are, whilst being mindful to not deflect responsibility through a harsh shaming of self.

We can be consciously and compassionately mindful by dropping into our heart and experiencing these misalignments as a part of ourselves, not separate from.

Now be careful here, most of us think we do this, and we fuck it up because we might think it, admit it mentally, speak it, write it and ruminate about it, but we still do NOT embody it. You’ll know if you’re not because you’ll be trying to constantly escape it, change it, be afraid of it and judge yourself.

A good example is the resistance to the “victim” mentality. We are so focused on getting away from being a victim that the shadows of the victim play out. We judge the victim in others, we victimise ourselves mentally with external circumstances, we suffer anxiety and deep shame about not being “further along” and get fixated on why others need to change and most of all – become blind to our obsessions with getting away from our very own victim that requires our embrace and acceptance. If only we loved ourselves unconditionally. Oh the human journey.

You can know something in your mind, a limitation, a shadow, an area due for expansion, but if you don’t embody, embrace, empathise, feel and release this part of you – it will run you. It will show up as negativity in your psyche, you will only see this shadow in others, and you will pull in situations to MAKE YOU FACE YOURS.

We attempt to integrate our development mentally and we bypass spiritually. Enlightenment has become the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we’re vainly chasing, the whole time missing our opportunity to be human and experience what we’re here to experience.

Mindfulness isn’t just a practice to help you sink your heart into this moment, it’s the epitome of surrendering in order to grow. Don’t fuck it up by trying to step ahead, especially in growth.

The idea that you’re not enough and need to keep working on yourself is the shadow you’re failing to see that needs you to pause, pay attention to, surrender into and is the work that’s calling you right now. You’ll also likely see this show up as you tell other people they need to work on themselves and deflecting with all your might, something you may have acknowledged, but are bypassing.

I love being human. I adore my experiences. I am grateful for my limits. I’m experiencing the experience I’m here to experience and I know this because it’s what’s in front of me in this very moment.

I’ve been distracted from this recently, for quite some time, flip flopping between extremes and bypassing through the mind and then slingshotting and being consumed by my emotions. Resistance does this, and it ALWAYS fucks us. In a good way, it teaches us the subtle (or not so subtle) lesson to surrender into what is. Just be.

Don’t forget the intelligence and higher truths of what’s showing up in your face in this very moment.

Don’t forget you’re exactly where you need to be and until you realise that, you’ll stay stuck.



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