True Healing Isn’t For The Half Hearted | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

Curiosity invites us to explore healing with a sense of compassion and softness. This requires some acknowledgement of your humanness.

Compassion isn’t really something that needs to be practiced, but rather embodied in who you are and how to see the world, self included. Healing is essentially becoming whole. Pausing and taking a squiz at the contents of your thoughts and giving them less weight, allows you to become present instead of reactive. Nothing external changes, but everything changes. You see the world through clean, fresh eyes. You see yourself through unconditional love. From there, there’s not too much that isn’t possible.

This is the THIRD video of a new 4-part series called, ‘Being Human‘. I feel we gotta bring it back to the magic of being human, do you feel me? Self-help has become another way for us to pursue perfection — and I reckon being Human AF is pretty fun when we accept our messy, imperfect, humanness.

Don’t fast-track your healing journey by skipping over the gritty, dirty parts. The human parts. Resist using the easy to repeat coined spiritual terms like ‘I trust the universe‘ without acknowledging your fear, without taking action, without offering compassion to yourself.

Watch this video as I unpack the pretty loaded topic of ‘healing’ – Amber-fied – so we can all chill out and enjoy the journey a bit more.



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