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What’s up friend?

Einstein said, reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. 

I had quite the appreciation from some of you last week for the audio and chat on true and truth, so this week im exploring a little deeper. (If you missed it listen here).

Let’s chat self-healing and empowerment, can’t elp’ maself.  

In order to evolve from what’s true for you and raise into the vitality and wisdom of the truth, you must first be willing to wholeheartedly endure the experience of powerlessness that we inevitably must succumb to when we bravely admit to ourselves, we actually have no fucking idea.

The truth is that which exists, what is without any bias. What’s true, is our individual reality, one filtered through experience and conditions and is unique to us. This is both beautiful and destructive. Beautiful because the experience of life is truly about that, experiencing ourselves in all we are and all we are not, but destructive because if we hold onto what is true as the truth, we suffer. 

Coriander for example. What’s true for me is that its fucking fabulous. For many others, its horrendous. The truth is, it’s coriander. 

We exist in order to evolve, and that cannot be done if you’re rigid in your meanings, definitions, beliefs about what is right and wrong, good or bad or did or did not happen. The wonderful thing is, what’s true for us one day, can change the next with our presence, openness and willingness to release our judgments and projections. 

Basically if you’re open to the idea that what you’re seeing and experiencing is not necessarily what is, you’re going to be a lot less challenged as life swallows, chews and spits you out. But if you are righteous in what’s true, you will likely feel victimised, angry, judgmental and bitter (for as long as you choose to hold on). 

At the very roots of healing trauma is a shift in perspective. 

Be it sexual abuse, violence, trauma by omission of affection, conditional love, cultural expectations, abandonment, betrayal, broken boundaries, lack of support and understanding or suppression of emotions. These becomes etchings of samskaras (impressions) on our psychological, emotional or spiritual heart.  

So, it’s imperative to honour what is true for us, we can chill a little in knowing that there is always a vaster and more spacious truth of our hurts that can transcend all trauma. Underneath it all, there is a deeper truth, a wholeness to each event and moment in life. This impenetrable knowing permeates each moment that can either set you on fire, or set you free.  

When we are open to the truth, our mind becomes flexible, our beliefs more fluid, our hearts more open and thus the idea about what is right and wrong, and what was done or what was perceived, what was malicious or lack of consciousness, or what was cruel or what was reflex, we can see the situation as not this or that, but both or even more vividly, whole. 

We have to remain humble in knowing that we are almost always imminently blinded from the truth by what is true (for you).

We have to respect both and be willing to surrender, and then surrender some more when we get a hint that what’s true (for you) is not the truth and therefore, no longer serves you. 

This continuous shift from true to truth is natural.

We are, after all, here to experience and express ourselves in all of what we are and what we are not. What’s true right now more often than not becomes what we need to let go of in order to lean into what we are, and release what we are not. We tend to protect what’s true for the sake of feeling safe. 

The trick is to remember that you know nothing and yet, be willing to trust what feels true. Because as you move forward with what’s true (for you), the truth will reveal itself naturally. 

We have to be willing  to be as powerful in our conviction of what’s true (for you) as well as graceful in our surrender to the truth once we see it. 

You must continue to wholeheartedly believe in what’s true and then, life would be just as willing to see the truth. Life will show you through a sharp pang in the heart, a defensive energy rising in your chest, a hurt or disappointment in another that there is an invitation in that moment, to open and let go. Our job is to listen. And this is why it’s vital to calm your mind and be still, often. 

Now, this doesn’t always mean that what was true was wrong, or you’re the victim and there is certainly no need for guilt. This opening may simply mean you can release the pain underneath and move through life with a lesson, now free of trauma. Or it may mean that you decide to shift into compassion, or appreciate your projection and suddenly what you see, transforms. Or what you value changes, what you believe becomes more inclusive than exclusive and what you feel is a further opening, humbling and inner peace.

Let what’s true guide you until it it no longer does and be willing to let it go and let the truth crack your heart wide open. 


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