Never Trust A Triggered Mind | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

Ever felt your mind go wild with analysis, self-blame, mentally attacking others when you’re feeling triggered?

The mind becomes stimulated at the presence of unattended emotions.

What this means is, if you’re not privy to remaining connected to your body, computable will noticing emotions rise and fall as life passes by, you’re more susceptible to getting into a mental spin when something in the world tickles a tender place inside of you.

Its often so unconscious, so immediate that all you may experience is a sudden influx of negative, stressful, and fear-based thoughts. The mind’s job is to ‘protect’ us and in a world where we are cushion from discomfort, it reacts to emotions as a threat.

It will habitually analyze, pull apart and if left unchecked, creates stories that are far more painful than the feeling itself.

Your best bet is to assume that any “scattered”, “urgent” or “heightened” thinking is simply a result of an activated amygdala, sympathetic nervous system, and emotional charge.

In this video I talk about the practice that’s so overlooked, yet simple, you can use to work with uncomfortable emotions. Or in most cases, know to implement when your mind is in a spin.


A suggestion? Relax. You’ll do more healing by placing your emotional state and energy into one of appreciation than you will, trying to intensely ‘do the work’.

Don’t let the symptom become a distraction and transcendence precede intimacy with yourself.

Big love,


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