#26 | Traver Boehm | Redefining Vulnerability, Honesty And “Being Strong” | Just Be You Podcast with Amber Hawken

Vulnerability without strength is fucking chaos. 

Today’s guest Traver Boehm is the author of Today I Rise, a TEDx speaker and men’s coach, currently practicing intentional nomadism. He is the founder of the Man Uncivilized Movement, redefining the way men around the globe experience their masculinity, and teaches people to skillfully use the inevitable pain of their lives as fuel for growth and positive change.

We cover so much in this episode, from reaching deep into the darkest moment of Traver’s personal life where he found himself losing everything, to Traver’s “The Year to Live Project” that would eventually see him on a 28 day social experiment living in complete darkness and isolation in Guatemala. Traver is as real and honest as they come, and we dive into one my favourite topics, vulnerability, and how combining the Primal Masculine and the Divine is radically shifting the way men experience their masculinity. Because in his words, Men need both, Women need men to have both, and the Planet needs this more than we do.

Traver’s story, strength and his hunger to get deeply acquainted with what it means to go beyond everything you know to be true about life is infectious, and I could have chatted with him all day. If you’ve ever contemplated on what you would do if this was your last year alive and feel the pull to test your own limitations, this episode is for you!

Dive in to hear more on:

  • How honesty is the new vulnerability
  • Learning how to be vulnerable in a healthy way, as opposed to a destructive way
  • Learning what it is to die and be free
  • How our pain can be our guru
  • The power of pushing beyond your edge and coming back to life
  • How to be honest in your voice and actions
  • Cultivating energy and driving it into the direction of love and creativity
  • Sexual energy and its ability to manifest
  • How to own your manhood and mature masculine
  • How to hold space for your partner and not get triggered
  • How to feel into the feminine sensuality and use that for purpose and enhancing relationships
  • Dying and understanding your insignificance in order to really live
  • Leaking energy by fantasizing, and how using stimulants and other distractions can destroy your life and relationships

When you are strong, you can hold space for yourself even when falling apart, because you allow yourself too. 

Be sure to tune in right to the end where I challenge Traver to 90 days of something very very difficult, and if all of this leaves you needing more Traver Beohm in your life, you can find him right here:




“Uncivilized 6” – Traver’s 6 minute morning routine