Transforming Scarcity into Inspired and Aligned Action | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | Video Blog Copy

Do you worry about money and love even after you get it?…

Scarcity is a paradigm that impacts more than money so I’ll be talking about the root issue — not wealth alone. 

In this video, I’m unpacking scarcity around money based on a question I was asked about how to not let it run your life (choices) and emotions. 

You see, being that I work with the interconnection between Mind — Emotions — Energy — Actions — Results realm of human beings, I can place my hand on my heart and promise that getting what you want or cold turkey stopping a behaviour won’t deal with the root of any core problem. 

This video might be long but it’ll give you a deep insight into what’s really going on with scarcity and how to — in real time — flip your behaviours based on a long term solution and energetic alignment. 

You can use this philosophy for any venture or relationship, not just money.

It’s the exact process I use with everything I set out to do. It’s so simple it might hurt so be prepped to get offended if you’re known to overcomplicate things. 

Let me know your biggest take away below. 


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