Our Top Four Resources For Women | Amber Hawken

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We have resources for you: Our Top Four Resources For Women (below)

If you’ve never seen my work before and only recently come into awareness that Alchemy Retreat existed, it might be helpful to listen to some of my most watched and listened to resources on men’s work which I’ve provided below.

I’ve been in the arena of healing and growth for over a decade. There is a lot of *work* out there, and it can be challenging to discern what is both in alignment and genuine.

We have over ten facilitators (four of them are guests who visit across the four days) at Women’s Alchemy, including Josiane Santos, who is a healing through movement, embodiment and expression facilitator who will show you how deep the wisdom of the body runs in you.

We also have Kurt Iwanina, a spiritual and meditation teacher and sound healer, and Beanie Tompkins, a kinesiologist and regression and soul retrieval expert. These few are alongside a crew so dedicated to creating a safe space for you to go deep, including myself.

Of course, my experience in over five holistic modalities of behavioural therapy, somatic healing and embodiment work alongside numerous others who bring the ancient wisdom of practices and ceremonies, adding to Alchemy’s dynamic mix of work.

Four Women’s Work Resources 

Starting off with a video I do helping people identify if their seemingly functional habits around self help or spiritual growth are counter productive and creative chaos within. You can watch and listen to: Are you Trapped in a Toxic and Dysfunctional Relationship With Yourself here. 

This podcast with Leila Dylla, a trauma informed coach, breathwork expert and retreat facilitator. It’s the 101 on Energy, Vibration and Transformation

The Two Sides of Victim Consciousness is quite self explanatory. Something we can all relate to is the healing of the aspect that feels life is hard for them, period. This can show up in two ways: hyper independence or hyper helplessness and then there is everything in between.

Finally, a video resource I made after the thousands of requests over the years for support around intimacy in a relationship. 

While sex, polarity, presence work, and turn-on are all essential parts of intimacy, the overlooked piece is what I cover in this video. Check out 5 Steps to Ignite Intimacy in Any Relationship.

I trust these resources will land how they need for you.

I look forward to connecting with you soon, 


Amber Hawken