Our Top Four Resources For Men | Amber Hawken


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We have resources for you: Our Top Four Resources For Men (below) plus a bonus.

If you’ve only come into recent awareness of Men’s Alchemy Rites, it might be helpful to connect with some of our lead facilitators and one of my teachers (Michael Gay) through podcast interviews.


Starting with a podcast interview with one of our our head Retreat Leaders, Ryan Pope. He shares, I recorded this interview with world-renowned podcaster and connection expert Mark Groves, and while it’s titled ‘How to Prepare for Fatherhood’, I speak to how our past impacts our mind and body, regardless of being a Father or soon to be Father.I know you will get a lot from it.’ Click here to listen.


Another facilitator are Men’s Alchemy, Adam Kavanagh shares his experience of leaving the mines and getting out of a mental and physical crisis by living on Doomadgee Country of The Gangalidda and the Waanyi people up the Northern, inland part of the Australian bush. You can listen here. Connection to their primal power is something most men want but don’t necessarily understand. This podcast, and Men’s Alchemy makes this tangible in everyday life.

Robbo is another one of our core team and in this podcast with a friend of our close friends, Mike Campbell. also explore some great pieces from him including the model of ‘be, do, have’ – where he breaks down for us the tendency of so many men to focus on doing in an attempt to then be something, instead of first being something – embodying something – to then know what to do which then leads to having what we want. You can listen here. 

In this podcast, Amber dialogues with one of her teachers, Michael Gay, on some fundamental flaws in a lot of the more recent offerings for men that have started to become available. You can listen to, Integrated Psychotherapist Michael Gay on The Missing Piece of Healing the Masculine here.


The founder of Alchemy Rites for Women, Men and Kinship is Amber Hawken. One of her fro mentioned connections, Mike Campbell interviews Amber here. They talk about the journey into men’s work in this episode. They cover a lot of common challenges she sees that show up for men. As well as things that present as the challenges and then the things that tend to actually be going on beneath the surface. We talk about this deep piece around inadequacy and the fear of inadequacy for men. You can listen here.


Ryan, Amber and the Alchemy Rites Team