To Be, Human | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

If the idea of who I am dies and evolves a little each day, I’m a happy camper.

The human experience is inextricably grounded in the infinite cycle of birth, life and death.
And in my opinion, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Today, I fucking love coriander.
Tomorrow I might choose to flick it out of my salad. 

I’ve come to respect the constant of change – like the ocean and all of nature, really; a relentless force that perpetuates the purposeful expansion of who we have thought we are and come to realise. 

Either through effortless surrender or excruciating rigidity of resistance and control, of who we aren’t

The more I respect change and the fragility of being human, the more deeply I appreciate the variety and chaos of it all.
And, the more joy I experience in my “ordinary” moments. 

The juxtaposition of our essence expressed through or from the idea of me, I and human ego (which can be beautiful piece of art if recognised for what it is) allows us to see what we are not, and to recognise what we are

And such, I like to remember that before I “am” anything else, I’m human

It’s my priority, to rise and be in this experience. 

Through this acceptance rises compassion, and from compassion is surrender and surrender growth and growth, fulfilment

Voila, the cycle repeats. 

When we try to skip the human bit, we bypass the smorgasbord that is the spectrum of darkness to light and everything in between. 

Before unity we have to experience separation

Shiva and Shakti are written through the ages for a reason. 

Respect it.
Experience it.
Embrace it. 
Before you try to transcend it.  

Paradoxically, the smorgasbord can be paralysing.
It’s the liberty of choice that chokes many of us.
We freeze or flight at the thought that someone or something is not responsible for our reality, life, circumstance, emotional state, wellbeing, finances, career or relationship. 

It’s fucking and absolutely extraordinary to notice that we’re in charge. 

Choice, ahh. 

Choice to acknowledge we’ve got the gift of life to explore ourselves deeply in every single aspect. 

To taste every flavour of emotion.
The feel every aspect of ache and pain.
To revere in the power or stillness and how it fills us with our simple attentive-ness to infinite its existence.
To the power of breath, transformation, journeys outside of story and inside the different rooms in our mind and beyond the walls and limitations we can create out of fear or discomfort…so. 

In summary. 

Human before anything

Respect the separation

Remember the unity.  

Embrace the expansion

Lean into discomfort

Come back to being and stillness

Allow it all. 


With love,


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