Thriving With Joy; A Collection Of Resources | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

Ahhh, you’ve arrived.

Take a big belly breath and relax your body.

I have sorted through the work I’ve been creating the last few years.

I chose the five best pieces of training, meditations, tools, techniques and teachings that I felt would allow you to feel deeply empowered and cultivate inner Calm and Joy in your life during these times of change (and forever).

I suggest just choosing the one that stands out. No need to rush through them, they’re here and we ain’t going nowhere.

The idea is to reduce stimulation, instil calm and retrain your response to chaos to be one of a cool cucumber, mmmkay?

Note – if you have issues playing or the audios cut off, try another browser than what you are using. Examples are Safari and Google Chrome!

Feel Free in 15 minutes: release stuck emotions and energy.

Ease, Power and Choice: a teaching/reminder when feeling stuck.

Aligned Meditation: excellent to ground you in your body and return to centre. 

Breathing For Balance and Calm: restore the balance of your mind, emotions and energy.

Embody The Energy of Receiving: training your nervous system to create through surrender and abundance.

Empowered Meditation: begin your day with grounded inspiration.

Get To Sleep Meditation: this activates your parasympathetic nervous system for deep rest.

Make sure you pass this onto anyway who you feel would find these useful!


With love,


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