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Is your practice based on avoidance or surrender?

The Achilles heal of always having a practice is an increase in dependence on the practice instead of being of service by committing to a practice. 

One will benefit you short term and take from your life long term. The other has infinite ROI for yourself and, well, everything. 

As we mature within our awareness, we realise we impact everyone and everything with our thoughts, words and actions. 

Anytime we harmonise ourselves, it ripples outwardly into the world. 

Anytime we take without giving, it ripples outwardly into the world. 

Anytime we give generously and are also open to receiving, it ripples outwardly into the world.

In this video I touch on:

  • How to discern if a practice is an avoidance or if it’s truly working for you
  • The sneaky sense of entitlement that is wrapped up in doing a ‘thing’ so get another ‘thing’ (which keeps you in the same look, it just looks prettier)
  • What makes a practice performance-based as opposed to devotional
  • How your level of fulfilment is not about how much your practice or have a ritual, and what influences your inner contentment
  • What we can do if we realise our practices have become a way to avoid going into what is uncomfortable 

Watch and let me know your takeaway in the comments below or on the reel post over on the gram. 

If you want to dive deeper, I created a training about the transformational qualities of a devotional practice which you can get here. 

This training unpacks the nuance of sometimes overused words such as ‘devotion’, ‘transformation’, ‘quality’ and ‘practice’. It intends to help you better understand the importance of where your actions are coming from and moving toward. Without this awareness, we can live in a way that we think is transformational and sacred but is, at its roots, self-centred, scarcity driven and exclusive in its intention towards ensuring energy is circulating outwardly, not only to ourselves. 

This is an audio recorded by Amber Hawken to cultivate clarity and a deeper understanding of how to approach your practice to ensure energy circulates and serves you rather than increases control and distortion. 

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