The Ultimate Quality of a Powerful Man | Amber Hawken | Mindfulness Based CBT

A new way of self leadership in men..

Let’s begin with the caveat and underlying intention here: this is not a video to add another expectation or unsolicited demand on men. 

It is to raise the standard we currently exist in, consciously or unconsciously, of men’s accepted or acceptable behaviour. 

This is an invitation, not a criticism and one that women, actually, any human will benefit from understanding. 

An invitation for men who want to transform the way they show up in our world on both an individual and collective level and begin to explore the root cause of toxic behaviour expressed by men that are driven by pain or repression of pain and the absence of love. 

Women, I find this particularly powerful for women to understand and learn. On the flip side of abusive behaviour displayed by men and the masculine is the victim or martyr expressed by women and the feminine. 

For the people in the back: male ≠masculine and female ≠ feminine. However, for ease of explanation around this, in these examples, I am referring to men who identify more with their masculine and women who more identify with their feminine. 

Women display and express abusive behaviours, and men can also display and express themselves as victims and martyrs. 

Moving on.

Many women naturally identify with their feminine essence. Therefore it’s common for the victim and martyr to course through the consciousness of many women. 

Deep compassion and understanding are required to collapse, heal, and integrate the aforementioned unhealthy variations of masculine and feminine. 

Not to encourage acceptance of toxic behaviour, but to observe that this is not a personality trait. It is a systemic issue rooted in centuries of toxic modelling and, quite simply, a lack of healthy leadership and eldership guidance around this. 

Hence the need for any human being to understand these expressions and their root causes. 

This video outlines multiple key points:

  • What drives unhealthy and abusive (self and others) behaviour in men.
  • The connection between ownership and freedom within the masculine.
  • How men can take part in transforming this into healthy, powerful self-leadership and healing.
  • How men can better incite intimacy and trust in their partnerships and community. 
  • An insight into the emotional and mental defences men face when taking ownership. 
  • How taking responsibility is the very first step to this transformation and exactly what that looks like. 
  • The relevance of this topic in relationships where trust has been broken. 


There’s so much depth and nuance here, and I trust that this lands how it needs to and, at the very least, inspires a powerful direction for men to move towards and participate in a new world and generation of men who are safe, powerful spaces that lead from freedom anchored from within. 


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  1. You speak so much sense, always resonate with me. Can’t wait for the retreat.

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