The Sovereign Space

Strengthen Pathways To Your Heart, Clear Your Mind and Emotions and Amplify Intuition

"My life has been filled with calmness, peace & freedom. It will change your life for the better. It’s a worthwhile investment for your whole life experience." - Sophie Janda

Combining healing breathwork, hapé and a sound bath journey - this immersion is a vortex of healing, heart connection and awakening of intuition and personal power.
The Sovereign Space helps you feel grounded in your body, open in heart, clear in your mind and emotions and confident in decisions.

It’s a short day immersion with a massive impact.

The Sovereign Space skyrockets your connection to the intelligence of your heart, body, mind, and intuition through five pathways:

  1. The Mind: Making the Unconscious Conscious Self Reflection Exercises, facilitated by Amber
  2. The Emotions: Circular Healing Breathwork, guided by Amber
  3. The Spirit: Hape medicine Ceremony, delivered by Kurt Iwanina and Beanie Tompkins information here
  4. The Energetic Body: Vibrational Sound Bath and Soul Retrieval Meditation, guided by all three teachers.
  5. The Physical Body: Grounding And Attuning To The Body and it's Subtle Ques

You will experience immediate mental clarity and calm, guide you to shift blocked energy or emotional build-up and ground yourself deeply in the present moment feeling awake, aware, alive and energised.

Being sovereign means you direct your life - you're radically responsible for your thoughts, states and emotions, while still remaining connected to the flow. You are in charge, without grasping for control.

This immersion is specifically designed to get you there. 

"The impact of this day, I cannot really put into words. The feeling I have is like I have found my own beautiful matrix, my truth, my heightened reality with no noise, no distraction, no shame .. just calm and spectacularly rich clarity.. like all of my senses are super-powered and alive again, not hiding behind anything or anyone." - Broni Scarce

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Your new standard of reality will be one of positive certainty: especially when the chips are down - you’ll know how to master turning your internal and external circumstance around.

"Working with Amber this year has been fundamentally life-changing. I don't make that statement lightly. It's the biggest and best investment I have made in myself to date" - Rebecca Riley

This immersion will guide you:

From scarcity to flow.

From lost to aligned.

From depleted to restored.

From stuck to expansion.

From sabotage to personal power.

From control to surrender.

From fear to love.

From chaos to calm.

From smallness to self realised.

Yep, it's simple and it's deep.

It's time to reset, re-calibrate, re-connect and re-direct any area of you are not in alignment. The workshop will highlight where you are hiding from your own self and shake up what's preventing you from making change. That action might not be BIG BOLD external change. It may simply be a refinement around your inner perceptions of what's possible. This happens inside your being - and this workshop will guide you there. 

Sometimes we need to release what we’ve been holding.

Sometimes we need to remember what it feels like to have complete calm in our mind. 

Sometimes we need to honour the intelligence of our body.

Sometimes we need to reconnect to our heart.

Sometimes we want to go deeper.

This event will meet you where you are at, amplify your intention, and by the end of the day, land you back on your feet feeling grounded, empowered, clear and energised.

"It was like you grabbed my hand and took me for a little walk of discovering the power already there inside of me... which is probably the most empowering thing of all" - Meagan Huis

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"Working with Amber was the best decision of my life" - Belinda Pasfield

"Amber is one of the most powerful coaches and facilitators I've ever come across. The way she holds space for both your pain and your potential is second to none, and I trust her endlessly." - Tara Caetano

These pathways cross over each other through the different techniques, ceremonies, and exercises throughout the day.

This is a vortex experienced where you will be held by our facilities, safe to drop deep into our processes, and experienced whatever it is you need.

It’s for those who are wanting a direct route to a cathartic recalibration.

It’s designed to open up the parts of you that you’re…

Too busy…

Too scared….

Too exhausted...

Too smart…

Too together…

Too buried…

Too guarded to look at…

So that you can simply drop all of what isn't serving you on whatever level you need, and come back home to you with clarity, confidence and a rejuvenated perspective about life and where you are headed.

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 "Exhilaration.. strength .. and release. .. Nothing will ever be the same after you experience this level of personal strength .. join those who have been before you... trust the journey!" - Jocelyn Spicer


You will receive simple nutritional guidelines we recommend following the week of, a day prior, and a day after the event to support you to get the most out of the experience.


We will send you a guideline of techniques to support grounding and integration.

 What to bring:

Your own mat.

A blanket to throw over you.

A full water bottle. 

Wear light and comfortable clothing you can lay down in. 


Eye mask or scarf cover your eyes. 

Have a whole food light lunch packed - Think light and nutritious.

"Amber opened my eyes to many layers of myself that I didn’t even know existed - this will literally change the remaining course of your life." - Natasha Salvadori

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