The End Game Of Healing Is Unconditional Love | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

What’s the point of all this healing stuff anyway?

The reason I get a little wound up about what’s happening in the self development world at the moment is that people are addicted to the healing path but not ever ‘arriving’ at a space where they feel good enough just being human. In the video below, I share a 3-part explanation of what it really means to be human. (Spoiler alert: it’s not being perfect).

This is the FINAL video of a new 4-part series called, ‘Being Human‘. I feel we gotta bring it back to the magic of being human, do you feel me? Self-help has become another way for us to pursue perfection — and I reckon being Human AF is pretty fun when we accept our messy, imperfect, humanness.

Life does the digging for us and will reveal what needs to be healed. We don’t need to force it or push it or chase our healing. We can be soft in heart and take actions from a space of love, not to fulfil a void of not-enoughness. Here’s an article I wrote that if you like, you can read over a cuppa after you watch this video that will integrate what I’m on about here.

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  1. You are a conduit of healing on earth Thank you for sharing this.

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