Natasha Selvadurai – Coaching and Retreat Client

Natasha Selvadurai – Coaching and Retreat Client

I feel truly blessed to have found Amber on Instagram, choosing to work with her has changed my literal life in so many incredibly inspiring ways. It’s so natural to feel the initial hesitation of the full weight of getting this kind of help and of course I felt this way on initiating her services – to make the commitment and investment in myself. But I chose myself, I invested in myself: because this is my life, in this body, in this lifetime, there are no second chances to live your best life – this is it.

She’s put air under my wings, shown, supported and taught me how to come back to myself always, to trust myself and that my gut is my most valuable source of direction – and how to tap into that energy in the most loving, open and fearless way. What I have learnt from working with Amber would likely have never just fallen in my lap, and the current abundance that I am living in, this dreamy life that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real – it’s all mine to enjoy thanks to this work. Amber isn’t about the fluff, she doesn’t mess around – this isn’t a relaxation massage.

It’s real, it’s deep, it’s powerful.

Amber opened my eyes to many layers of myself that I didn’t even know existed, she helped me sift through the debris, to make sense of the madness and clean up my emotional fog. I have power over myself in ways I didn’t even dream possible – feeling so incredibly abundant, even when things aren’t great.

If you’re ready to come home to your true self, I can’t recommend this babe enough x