Karen Patterson – Coaching Client

Karen Patterson – Coaching Client

Before working with Amber I felt lost.  I was so caught up in my head and stories that I lost myself.  During my time working with Amber I felt seen, respected and safe.  Amber has a gift that allows you to break open, be completely vulnerable yet still safe and heard.  Her wisdom, warmth and sense of humour all combined into one is just magic.

I am so much more in tune with my heart and body.  I feel that I can drop into my centre with greater depth then ever before.  By doing this I have unravelled so many layers/walls that I have built over my whole life. I feel changed to my core.  I know that this work will stay with me for my entire life, no words can describe the feeling of when your inner world changes, it is so deep you can feel it in your cells.

Something unexpected that came up for me while working with Amber was the amount of heavy stories that I had surrounded myself with.  I have been so attached to these stories that I realised I did not know who I was without them.  I had been sabotaging my own happiness and true expression in this world.  I have been on a journey of healing and inner growth for years now but never had such a deep realisation.  I can see now that no matter how many books, podcasts or articles you soak up – the real work is in the doing and showing up.  This can be terrifying but I have learnt that pushing past my edge and facing my fears is where the real growth lies.  I have never felt more empowered in life.

I can’t express how grateful I am for this experience.  I am so proud of myself for taking this opportunity.  No matter what any one else’s beliefs or ideas are I know now that the only way is to trust myself and deep knowing of what is best for me.

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