Jacel Dunn – Alchemy Retreat Client

Jacel Dunn – Alchemy Retreat Client

Before the Alchemy retreat I didn’t know how I felt – I was disconnected from myself, my family, my friends & fully emerged in my work.
During the 4 day retreat I trusted the process and let go of any expectations… I learnt to truly connect with myself and feel again!
Now that I’m back in daily routine I’m able to use the tools I learnt whilst on the retreat and I’m seeing them make a massive difference to my life!

Going in, I was nervous of the amount of time, energy & money needed to be invested – now, I would invest it all again in a heartbeat. I’ve made new friendships that I know will last a lifetime & lessons that will stay with me daily! The lessons you experience can never quite be recreated and that’s what makes them beautiful 🙂

I am myself again! I’d disconnected from who I was for a long time and allowed myself to be ruled by emotions brought on by situations around me. Now I understand what it is to truly be connected to ones self, I have a new appreciation for life, family, loved ones, experiences & look forward to continuing this work!

Thank you Amber and your team for truly changing my life!

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