Anna Raymond – Alchemy Retreat Client

Anna Raymond – Alchemy Retreat Client

Before working with Amber I felt nervous as I’d heard so many good things and knew she’d take me to places I may not want to go…
We haveĀ been the BEST experience ever! We’ve been to some dark places, but she’s supported me throughout and empowered me with tools to take myself on this journey to find my self!

Finding more of my tribe was the biggest surprise on this journey! Attending Amber’s retreat, I went with the intention of working on myself… but I didn’t think I would meet so many soul sisters, all on this same journey that I am, and all of whom aren’t afraid to face their fears!

If you’reĀ tired of repeating the same things in life, finding yourself meeting the same partners that don’t serve you, or perhaps you’re not meeting anyone but you don’t know whats holding you back – Amber will take you on an incredible journey to break down the shit talk that’s preventing you from entering into the life you so deserve! Invest in yourself because you are worth it! Stop waiting for a sign, because this is it! Take the leap of faith and trust your gut! You won’t regret making this decision just for you.

It’s funny how we are happy to spend our time and money on shit that we don’t need…..yet we won’t think about spending time with ourselves and spend money to break through all our learned behaviours that are preventing us from living a happy and fulfilled life! Spend your money on you, invest your time in you, choose to work with Amber, because you’re worth it, and only you can make it happen!

A huge thank you Amber you incredible human being. I finally feel like me! I knew I was in there somewhere, I was just a bit scared I may not like who I am!
I’ve loved every minute of this journey with you, and almost don’t want it to end…. yet I do know I’m ready to flee the nest and fly high, spreading the love and sharing what I’ve learnt along the way.