Amazon Customer – Couldn’t put it down!

Amazon Customer – Couldn’t put it down!

Wow… Just WOW…

I hadn’t heard of Amber until I saw her speak at an event in 2016 and man my jaw hit the floor!

The second I heard of Amber’s pre-launch for her book I downloaded it straight away and could barely put it down.

How such a young woman can live and overcome so much is truly inspiring.

It is impossible to leave a story midway without dying to read the rest as Amber captivates you ever step of the way.

I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to overcome their own hurdles and demons.

I feel like a much stronger person since reading this book and I have just ordered 10 to give out to my clients.


[Amazon review, referring to Amber’s book, The Unfu*kwithable Life]