EP9 Tessa Alexa | From Psychology to Lightworker – When Your Passion Shifts Form | BU Podcast

“What if we didn’t have to break down to break through?”.

The moment I want introduced this woman, I knew I needed her on the show. There are at least three one lines in this interview that hit me right in the soul.
One being:  “What if we didn’t have to break down to break through?”. 
Tessa is the kind of being that makes you want to throw your fears to the side and go after your dreams. Why? Because she is a woman who has dragged her heart, mind and soul, through the trenches of transformation, coming out the other side to walk her talk consistently. This is rare.
This is the kind of interview that has the potential to help awaken something much deeper and more fulfilling inside of anyone who listens.


Don't appear to be 'spiritual', just be you...




This interview is a great insight into “spirituality” in todays world and how it is something quite common, practical and easily applied into our lives if we see it as a way of being, rather than a way of “appearing” to the rest of the world.
After years of experience in youth work, asylum seeking, refugee support work and pilot parenting, Tessa burnt out in what can be a seemingly be a unsupportive system for workers in these government areas. Following this time, Tessa opens her life to more spiritual based work, adding to her vast expertise. 
Some of the points topics we explore include:
  • What the HECK is light working, I ask almost straight off the bat. 
  • Duality and universal laws: what is it and how can it increases happiness and flow day to day 
  • Understanding what stepping into the unknown looks like in real life 
  • Embracing trust in times of uncertainty
  • Transcendence - shifting our understanding of what is possible in this world
  • Creating your own reality - the struggle many have with abundance and how we re-wire ourselves for what we actually want
  • Attachment, safety, trust and love conditioning during childhood and how it plays a massive role in our self worth 
I would love you to comment below, with what came up for you during this interview. Did you agree/disagree with anything we discussed? What was your favourite part?
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Love Ambz