Listen, Love and Take Action | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

We need to pay attention, now.

There is something paralysing and invigorating about watching your homeland burn whilst not there.
This is not about me.
This is about all of us.
The entire planet.
The future.
Lengthened ignorance forcing drastic measures.
And perhaps the perfect timing for Katabasis.
This is not about my future.
Or my fury.
This is about the future of those who are not even born.
It’s about those in the eye of the storm experiencing the brunt force of backed up trauma of the earth.
I know this is an image of a man with his heart bursting open.
I know it’s not of the fires.
He was not in pain.
He was in the middle of love.
He was at the very centre of his heart at this moment.
And it hurt.
For the love you withhold is the pain you carry.
The very place calling us within ourselves and our planet.
This image represents so many things I see and feel right now in myself.
Because it hadn’t been felt for so long.
Just like our mother has asked us for ours to her, for so long.
It had been secondary, perhaps tertiary.
The fire ripping through my homeland rips through my heart.
And I feel this level of pain, too.
Because I feel this level of love, we all do.
That is of course if we are willing to feel.
Feel it all.
The loss.
I feel fucking rage.
I’ve screamed underwater.
I’ve sobbed in the arms of my friends.
Breathed deeply and silently.
I’ve cried for the loss.
For the catastrophic impact.
And the helplessness.
For the uncertainty of the end of the fires.
I’ve become enraged out our ignorance.
At my ignorance.
Inspired with a purpose for massive change.
In reverence of those who I watch take action.
Moved by the power of community.
The juxtaposition of death and love has never been so extreme for our country as it is now.
This is the full circle of disconnection to reconnection.
Of birth, life and death.
Of renewal.
And yet, we are still in the midst.
Not knowing when relief will arrive.
And I honour and witness the violence that is very much present for many.
To me, in my heart.
This man represents what Mother Earth is telling us/me.
There is no mistake on her behalf.
She knows what the fuck she is doing.
She is communicating.
She is intelligent.
She is fierce.
She is doing what she knows best.
Teaching and cleansing.
She will provide whatever is required for us to wake up and thrive.
She is renewing.
This man.
He was feeling the depths of his heart.
Do you feel mothers?
Do you feel yours?
He touched the centre of his existence.
Are you touching hers?
Are you grateful?
Do you respect her?
Do you respect yours?
He felt what it was to be held.
Do you hold her?
Do you hold her?
Do you hold you?
He felt the fire, the light, the power of existence.
Do you know hers? Do you revere in it?
Do you know yours?
She is no longer giving us the choice to remain ignorant.
He was waking up and opening up, again.
This is in process.
Allow the fire to wake up every part you have ignored.
Allow your fire to be reignited.
And please, fucking do something with it.
Take action.
He was remembering why he was alive.
Our earth is alive.
Are you alive?
Are you living?
Let her fires wake you.
He was becoming connected.
And, this is painful in a way.
Like unwrapping and discarding old bandages, casts, masks, amour that once protected the softness we didn’t want the world to touch and see.
The parts we were afraid to expose.
Where we didn’t fully live and love.
Where we held back.
Where we were limp.
Where we were waiting.
Where we didn’t take ownership.
And instead, let safety, fear and doubt lead.
The power of the heart can be so overwhelming.
This is what it feels like when you are truly alive.
Tears flow.
He sobbed.
He collapsed.
Let your tears flow.
Let yourself sink into everything that arises and feel it.
Surrender into it.
Let it burn.
Let it cleanse.
Allow it to awaken and renew.
This is what happens when we remember.
When we reconnect.
Its this extreme when we finally turn and look towards what we have been surpassing, ignoring, bypassing, fearing and resisting.
This is what happens when you stop skimming the surface.
This is what happens when you let the fire of love sear through fear.
This is what happens when we open.
The alchemy of fire is fierce.
Sometimes excruciating.
So do be gentle.
Do mourn.
Do heal.
Do not meet fire with fire.
Meet it with the soothing of love and earthiness of support.
Transcend the energy from burning into purposeful action for change.
When death and destructions arises.
You know there is new life to come.
And while therein lies the knowing.
The truth beneath it all.
It doesn’t mean we do not hurt.
To those who have lost.
And are in pain.
And afraid.
I am sorry.
I am taking action.
Your loss and hardship will not be in fucking vein.
I promise to be as relentless in my efforts as mother nature is in her ferocity.
I’m astonished, inspired, proud, in awe of the millions raised, the support that is being given and the action being taken from our people and those around the globe in support of the disaster unfolding in my country right now.
I’m doing what I can from afar, this will be a long term game, with long term impact and long term support required.
Of course, I’ve donated. But this is the beginning.
I am moved and honoured by those I am in collaboration with to do our part to raise money.
Most of all, with respect to each and everyone and the collective, the most powerful, potent and important work aside from the immediate support we can give externally, is to turn to ourselves and rise.
Hold yourself.
Hold others.
Let love dominate your mind and your words.
Let anger be raw and transformational.
May your actions be of integrity, vigilant and of service to the greater good.
Raise your energetic ripple and thus your positive footprint.
Your vibration.
For we are in an energy responsive universe.
Your frequency needs to be a priority.
It will lift us all.
We are in this together.
Do not underestimate the responsibly we have as individuals in order to lift the collective.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Here are some ways to donate for the Australian Bushfires.

With love,


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