how to ask for help, the art of asking

How To Ask For Help (Even When It feels Gross) | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness based CBT

When we struggle to ask for help (and receive it) we end up exhausted and burned out. Makes sense, eh? Also sucks because well – burn out. In this weeks video, I teach the belief systems that are the culprit behind…

Stop Trying Avoid Loneliness | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness based CBT

I am going to talk about something that we all face but don’t want to talk about. Loneliness. We all feel it and there is often two ways in which it affects us: 1. We don’t even realise we…

do you feel guilty for resting?

Do You Feel Guilty For Resting? | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

The guilt of resting is real. Whenever I speak to an audience of adults, I ask this question: ‘Who feels guilty for resting or thinks taking a break is a waste of time?‘. The sea of hands rise….

control is overrated

Why Being In Control Is Overrated | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

  What stays matters. What matters stays. This is your permission slip to chill. Love,