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SuperCharge The Way You Live, Give, Create & Receive

Give me 90 days

 and you’ll be realising, touching and experiencing the life you thought would take 25 years of hard work and sacrifice, with more ease than Yoda has force. 


Program Begins January 26th LIMITED SPOTS

Since you’re here I am guessing that you, or a version of you, know this all too well:

You’re running on empty, with a purpose driven vision and big heart that craves to make a difference in the world. No matter how you try, you can’t shake the feeling of being behind, doubt is blurring your creative spark and there’s no amount of coffee or sacred cacao for the kind of exhaustion point you keep trying to push through.

If I dug a little deeper I might even find that …

You’re tired of working harder, and seeing just micro improvements that require massive output. And if you’re honest, your current trajectory will certainly result in burn out long term – “Is there actually another gear other than the ‘go-go-go’ I’ve defaulted to for so long?”…

Feelings of jealousy of others’ success that appears so effortless play on your mind. It blurs your bigger vision making it hard to stay inspired or follow your own path.
You’re continually raising the bar for yourself and hoping the hard work pays off “one day”. And you just can’t switch off thinking even though you know it adds pressure and disrupts flow.
When it all feels too much instead of pausing to check in, you find ways to distract yourself. Some of these distractions appear to be self care or even ‘spiritual’, but under the surface, are bypassing the feeling of dissatisfaction and emptiness.
If you’re really honest, you feel that you’re not connecting with people on a deeper level. And you crave to create meaningful, human relationships that matter.
Your mind is a constant source of doubt and inner contentment is all but a dream. And however strong you try to be, the shadow always seems to get the better of you.
You are determined and like doing things your way and excited to live your dreams. But you’re a little anxious that you might have to leave those you love behind if by some miracle you manage to make it all happen.

Maybe a lot of those resonated or maybe just one felt like a familiar truth you’d prefer to dismiss.
Regardless, these are all secondary side effects of a bigger underlying problem.

It’s no secret that neglecting wellbeing, self punishment or sacrificing what is sacred (relationships, rest and self connection) in order to live a *meaningful* or *spiritual* life is a dogmatic and dysfunctional paradigm.

No matter how strong willed, skilled and determined you are, the one thing you need in order to sustainably turn inspired ideas into reality it this:

You must learn how to deliberately shift the energy you operate from to the same vibration of what you want. And intentionally cultivate, maintain and take action from this place, sourcing it from within. 

Else you’ll continue on the same sabotaging cycles, assuming ‘hard’ is normal, until you burn out, give up or settle for less than you deserve. 

I don’t transform your life by pulling you out of toxic habits, increasing your monthly income by 400% with half the work or matchmaking you with your soul mate (you alone get that credit). I show you how to stop putting out fires and live from an energetically sustainable place, where your high quality output doesn’t require you to step out of alignment or push yourself to exhaustion. 

This could be you…

“I have built immense energetic and financial wealth as a result of SuperCharged
- Ellen Travassaros



SuperCharged is a 12 week blueprint for purpose driven people who want to play in the field of overflowing energy and learn how to shift from force to flow and turn your talents, ambitions and aspirations into tangible, life-changing reality. 

In three months you’ll be in a place of irrefutable clarity, palpable creative flow, resounding intuitive discernment and a level of self liberation that would make even Darth Vader’s heart melt. 

This is not a cookie cutter guide.

It’s based on clarity, purpose, reciprocity, thoroughness, intuitive flow, sovereignty, rituals, and best of all – it’s simple. I’m practical and believe in the universal forces. So does SuperCharged. It removes the struggle and guesswork of how to get into flow and stay there.

It’s 12 weeks of trainings that are designed to teach you self governance and exactly how to live in mental, emotional and vibrational alignment with to your vision. From that place, ideas, solutions, higher flow states, confidence, joy, abundance and energy for aligned action are available – always.  Most of all, it’s designed in a way that’s not only sustainable, it adds to the world — taking nothing, only generating more for you and for others

“I didn’t know I was holding a generational story that “nothing good ever lasts.” No wonder a part of me constricts and doesn’t feel safe dreaming big! I can see how in the past this has led to self-sabotage in the name of “safety” from perceived inevitable loss/pain. I’m so grateful to have unburied this story so I can consciously let it go, continuing to lean in to the belief my dreams are meant for me, and the universe is rearranging to bring them to fruition. ” 

– Sarah Pendergrass

The program is designed to render myself useless at the end.

I run SuperCharged in a way that it embeds into your life, rather than just regurgitating knowledge you could get in a book. You’ll know the wisdom of universal principles and practices in your bones. So you can repeat them and reap the benefits in every area of you life, effortlessly and on demand. 

So to answer the unasked question – yes, SuperCharged is an active practice, too. You will be inexplicably in charge of flexing your action muscle with intention and on cue. It builds your ability to take aligned action, rather than defaulting to doing, which only ever briefly alleviates tension, leaving you creatively flaccid and energetically flatline.

I won’t ask you to give up your life and I pinky promise – you won’t lose the goodness you’ve already created. This way of living is uninhibited, ever evolving and will add to anything that’s in true alignment, and allow anything else to simply fall away. 

You will be simultaneously held by me and supported in a community of people who give a damn about your success as much as their own. I joke (but am serious) that if all my clients got together, they would do a damn fine job of running the world. 

“SuperCharged brings about a mindset and energetic shift which becomes your new way of being.”

– Hayley GW

SuperCharged is the shit”

– Clare Orme

“SuperCharged changed me on a deep cellular level, and I don’t say that lightly- It’s made all areas of my life feel more vibrant, connected & soul-aligned.”

– Amy Berry Hill

You don’t necessarily need a ‘business’, an ‘idea’ or a ‘goal’ for this program because finding clarity is part of the SuperCharged process.

This is about acknowledging there is something alive in you that wants to come to life, and getting out of your way to make it happen. 

It establishes within you the innate value of uninhibited expression of your gifts, yourself and reciprocity of the flow of that abundance through you, into the world and back to you again.

It’s a complete retraining of your place of automatic operation.


will take you from

“So I’m not sure how to put this into words, but since SuperCharged, the number on my bank balance has multiplied by 10. I’m in a position to buy a house which as a single mum I never thought I would be able to do. I’m in a position to go back to uni and manage the placement component of my course and complete it. I am sleeping properly, I have more energy than I have in years. And I have gone from love being gross to bringing in the love I have always wanted for both me and my son. SuperCharged has been one of the best investments I have made in myself. It’s taken a year for me to get to the point where I thought that I was worth that investment, my only regret (if there is such a thing), was waiting that long. When we are ready to receive it will come. Thank you.”

- Clare Orme

LIMITED SPOTS: Program Begins January 26th

What’s inside the program?

First things first - we dive deep because — clarity.

1 x 90-minute breakthrough session

We play big in SC, so a private deep dive coaching session is booked immediately after securing your spot. This is for you to gain clarity on your long term vision and present time focus. We’ll challenge alignment, integrity and most of all, any perceptions of limitation.

We will also look at how your emotional set points relate to your behaviours and patterns, as well as any thoughts, ideas or limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking action right now.

6 x LIVE Masterclasses with yours truly (Amber)

Each fortnight we connect in a LIVE group coaching call that unpacks a topic that goes hand in hand with a specific set of tools that you will embody the following two weeks moving forward. Each masterclass adds to the previous, so you will continue to and deepen your understandings over the 90 days until it is second nature.

Daily accountability, support and inspiration direct to your Whatsapp

For the entire 12 weeks you will have me in your pocket supporting you everyday with pep talks, voice messages, and one liners that hit the spot that makes your mind buzz and heart tingle. 12 weeks flies by but in the lulls, I tune into your weekly reflections and deliver exactly what you are needing so you can stay present when challenged or triggered. In fact, it’s those moments that make the change so permanent and deep.

App accessibility and lifetime access to all content delivered, including the tailored VM’s, one liners, intuitive training’s and live classes.

No need to worry about getting behind or missing out. As you change, you will be able to revisit the content, forever and always and grow/learn/expand in new ways each time.

Access to a connected community of like-minded people

If there is something I love and do really well, it’s bringing people together. This is an application process and I’m very up froThe Whatsapp group is a one way delivery. Me to you. The forum is a connected community where we check in, get to know, support, share, express and are able to be witness in grossness and growth. SuperCharged families

12 x weeks of audio trainings released weekly

Each week, there are between 3-5 audio trainings released that vary between 10-45 minutes that unpack the topic of that week. Each week builds on the previous. Relevant practices are released concurrently for you to integrate and live in your day to day. 



Intuitive trainings.

 I record and release an intuitive training each week that responds to your reflection and progress questions that you (optionally) submit weekly. This supports you to have real time coaching and apply SuperCharged when it counts.


Guest experts, worth their weight in gold. 

Throughout the program I’ll be dropping SuperCharge interviews with guest experts on the following topics: spirituality and wealth, the power of marginal gains, feminine (energy) surrender and missioning the masculine, relationship to mind and ego and attunement to subtle vibrations. 


Lifetime access. 

I’m with Shrek, we are multilayered beings. Many SuperCharged grads contact me telling me they’re doing the program for a second and third time and getting just as much about of it. Different teachings will stand out and benefit each time you move through it. I give you lifetime access because I want you to honour the natural path of your own evolution.

SuperCharged involves 3-4 hours of learning time a week and a minimum of 20 minutes a day for your personally designed practices. You also have lifetime access so if you don’t get to it all one week, you can tune back in whenever you like.

After your application, you'll get the chance to secure your spot or book a time to speak with me.

If it’s not completely obvious,

I am Amber

and this is a little about me.

I’m a classic fiery ginger. I come from country Australia and my not so kinder surprise childhood gave me a skill or two in life that comes in handy for grounded guidance. I’ve worked with humans for more than a decade and have a love of the subtle art of healing, integrating and accessing all of oneself to the here and now.

The more formal parts of my qualifications include:

A Bachelor of Medical Science, A Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist, Functional Breathwork Instructor and a Practitioner of the The Melchizedek Method.

During this 90 days I bring it all to the table. The street smarts, the sci fi metaphors and my entire heart, dedication to your experiencing a solid and ever evolving connection with what words can only point to.
I bring in linguistic programming, cognitive techniques, shadow work, functional breathing, psychology, light body activation, somatic healing and universal principals.

I’ve thrown all this in an online platform, heated it to a homeostatic temperature between 36.1°C (97°F ) and 37.2°C (99°F) and attuned it to 440Hz for your recallibration pleasure.

“Amber, huge THANKS to you! What an incredible journey we all went on and continue to be on! I’m so grateful to you for creating this experience and to all the incredible people in this container – YOU inspire me.” – Anna Raymond

“I have been a little “distracted” this past week with moving house and caught myself getting anxious leading up to it for a few reasons but mainly from a story I’ve been telling myself since I was young. I caught this story, this pattern that comes up every time I move house and sat with it. I asked it questions and dissolved it using techniques I have been blessed with during SuperCharged and I did them with such ease. I stood in my new space yesterday and bawled my eyes out because I felt so blessed, abundant and filled with so much joy. I have been manifesting this space for months and to be standing in it gave me all the feels. Ahhh SO MUCH GRATITUDE.” – Jess Waters

I’m here to help you experience 10 years of
growth (or more) in just 90-days.

I’m not kidding.

For me, it feels really simple. I’m here to make you laugh and help you realise your power — and then get really damn charged up from the inside to exist as and create things that make the world a better place.

Welcome to me. I’m as deep as they come on the topic of being a gift to this world and enjoying it every step of the way. I am also not afraid of a sci-fi metaphor or brilliant pun.

I am not teaching you anything you don’t already know deep down. I can only shine a torch on the forgotten parts of your power and show you how to activate and integrate them into your life.

I’ll be honest. There are no quick fixes here.
SuperCharged is a way of life.

It’s not something that you ‘learn’, it’s something that you become by unlearning patterns and beliefs that force you into fear and push you into control.

You will be required to opt in 100% and partake in your own results.

If you don’t want a bar of that level of responsibility, please know, this is not for you.

However… when you do decide to drop into this vortex – I’ve got you every step of the way.

You’ll be handed my personal set of tools straight from my lips to your ears – tools that have taken me an incredible amount of time to implement, refine and pass on to others.

That’s so exciting to me.

These tools have allowed me to..

Note - everyone’s list is different.

Your list will match your soul’s expression. That’s what makes this program so damn effective and fulfilling. It’s got steps, it’s got tools, it’s got practices and it’s grounded. It’s a solid and clear message over and over again. So much so that when the proverbial hits the fan, your automatic reflex is still complete ease, presence and grace.

“Amber has a unique and incredible way of poking you in a loving way, to get all of your answers from you, when you didn’t realise you had them all in the first place. I went into SuperCharged with no clarity on where I was going. I was working in a middle management role for a big medical company and I was deeply unhappy and it was making me ill. 90 days later, I manifested a redundancy and have been given the opportunity to follow my dream and create the life I have dreamed of. I had no idea I could do this until working with Amber. Words can’t quite express the results of SuperCharged, but my body has gone from feeling stressed, stiff and achy, to soft, joyous and more feminine. I had no idea who I was until supercharged as I hadn’t allowed myself the time to be me. Now im me. I’m back in my body. My heart is open and I’m absolutely LOVING my life.”

- Anna Raymond

If you are still reading, then…

You’re amongst the ambitious, stubborn or big hearted kind.

And likely willing to do whatever it takes to make this kind of stuff happen.

You sure do make progress, but it has always come down to ‘hard work’, ‘effort’ and ‘output, which you likely know, is beyond exhausting and devoid of all joy.

To positively change your life – however that manifests itself – you must form a deeper connection between yourself and the thoughts that make you who you are.

If you want to change the direction of your life, SuperCharged helps you get from where you are to where you want to be…

It’s 100% online, on-demand and on any device. You’ll get 24/7 access to all of the modules, recordings, meetings and more as we work through the course week-by-week together.

SuperCharged is a living, breathing community where you feel a true sense of belonging.

This is your haven to create lasting change in your life, share your struggles, learn from others and create your dream reality with the heartfelt support you need.

You don’t just get a login and never hear from us again. This is your life every single day. 

“Everything is falling into place! My new business is falling into place. I have enough content to write a book – part of which will serve as content for the new course/program I will release soon. The universe is showing me the more I repeat and allow, the more it provides. Loving life! – Kim Williams

If you’re ready to embrace change beyond recognition - this could be the most important decision you ever make…

SuperCharged is a deliberate 90 day practice that re-acquaints you with the resource centre of our shared field of intelligence. It shows you how to shed restraints and shake scarcity, even amidst the most turbulent of triggers. 

Place down the weight of your doubt and overthinking and permit yourself to choose a different way. 

One that allows you to play, trust, receive and contribute simultaneously and with ease – for good. 

If you are waiting for a sign, this is it

Program Begins January 26th
Apply - watch the 'unpacking SC' vid - decide - secure your spot - begin today!

© Amber Hawken 2020