Do You Have The Courage To Stop Fighting? | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

The thing about learning how to fight is that some of us are born with this deep innate desire to persist, no matter what. In fact, many of us learn to protect ourselves by pushing on through, just moving forward.

We are told we are brave, strong and we wrap our identities in this armour. We forget any other option exists and eventually we’re afraid to let go of what should be just a last resort reflex (fight). They say some are born fighters; but what about those born with softness?

I’ve found that at our core, we’re all incredibly gentle. Strong, but holding within us an innate beingness of love. Not romance, but love. An awareness that is seeing without using your eyes, and knowing without remembering. A balance and appreciation of life without fighting what’s right in front of us.

The art of love and strength in life lies in knowing when to push through and when to pause and surrender with ease. Surrender is not to be mistaken with getting your butt whipped, love. It’s actually a mental ease with the action of doing everything humanly and spiritually possible to change and then release shame and frustration when life won’t budge.

I don’t think it’s a matter of pretending to be perfectly composed, unflinching in the face of darkness. It’s a terrible idea to want to rid our life of the beauty of our very real and raw vulnerabilities that teach us what it is to be alive. Instead, I feel it is a matter of being true to your truth through a presence in life that outweighs the reflex of learned strength. Soft in heart, sharp in mind and actions built from love.

Our success is dependent on our ability to flow because fighting, well it’s freaking exhausting and only brings us so far until we break down.

Life’s a balance of learning when to fight for those flash moments that require instinct, and learning when to strengthen through our softness of intuition.

It’s a magnificent thing, life; we get lost often. But it’s love that’ll always bring us home.


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