Life exists in the spaces between | Just Be You | Amber Hawken | MINDFULNESS COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY

Close your eyes.

Try and find the voice in your head that keeps on screaming criticisms and worry your way.

Can you see it?

No. You can’t.

What if you look at your reflection?

Can you see it?

Can you see the voice?

Nope. No voice to be seen.

Just a very magical being.

No voice of fear.

And why is that, you ask?

Because fear is simply a function of the mind – it is not who you are.

And its words of judgment, accusation, blame, guilt, shame, analysis, criticism, pressure, scarcity, anxiety and depression – not true. They’re just thoughts.

Clouds in a sky.

You’re the sky.

Close your eyes.

Focus on the beat of your heart.

C’mon, deeper.

Focus on it.

Feel it.

Feel its vibration.

Feel its energy.

Feel its power.

Feel its purity.

Feel the awareness that can now see the mind as the mind and you as you.

That magical shit you feel.

That’s you.

You were born this way.

Worthy, loveable, infinite, full of life and potential.

And all that jazz.

You were also born with a body and a brain and a wonderful mind (when used well).

That voice I was talking about – it is separate from that.

Separate from you.

It’s like this.

You’re the sky.

The voice of fear is dark clouds with the purpose of searching for danger and protection. The function of separating us as waves within an ocean.

To be human, to grow, we need to be separated through the voice. We become individuals to learn, but we are not actually separate.

Just like a wave is not separate from the ocean.  

The job of that sense of self that is the voice is to keep our attention focus on the self, the individual and never in the present.

The ocean of you exists in the present.

The individual wave of the voice exists out of the present – where the mind wanders – there the self is.  

Stealing that peace you’re chasing all that outside bullshit for.

You already know this though, don’t you?

Happiness isn’t at the end of 7 digits, a career of fame and fortune, a body that reflects the Instagram models or an empty glass of wine.  

That story that’s been running in your mind. The one you think is you. It’s actually the clouds.

Now, isn’t that a beautiful fucking thing to realise just now?

Your only job is to keep seeing that.

Over and over.

This is how you find peace.

This is where bliss lies.

In the space between.

Within you.

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  1. This is gorgeous and has brought tears to my eyes- thank you Amber.

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