Sovereign Space Ceremony Interest

Sovereign Space Ceremony

Sovereign Space Ceremony combines connected breathing, sound, and ceremonial Hapé.

Simply put, being sovereign means you are responsible for your life. From the thoughts, you think to how you respond to your emotions, other people, and the world itself.

"The impact of this day, I cannot really put into words. The feeling I have is like I have found my own beautiful matrix, my truth, my heightened reality with no noise, no distraction, no shame - just calm and spectacularly rich clarity. Like all my senses are super-powered and alive again, not hiding behind anything or anyone. Amber and Kurt, I will literally be forever grateful!" - Broni Scarce

It’s just basic understanding that you’re in charge and that’s a great and liberating thing to realise.

The two modalities we use; connected breathing combined with sound and vibration, and Hapé; work together to both wake up outdated programming to be cleared and access states of consciousness that bring about creativity, clarity, and perspective.

"Thank you so much for an incredible workshop yesterday! Needless to say, I was blown away. So powerful.Thanks again for an amazing, poignant experience." - Michael Janda

The sovereign space ceremony is a slice of what a four-day retreat is like with myself and our team.

It’s for those wanting to go deep but who don’t have access to the retreat right now.

"I finally feel like I understand more about opening my heart, I felt so loved and held. I just want to thank you again so much for helping me to feel safe and okay after the workshop was over. You're amazing Amber and have the most beautiful heart."

Simone Haugh

In five hours we take you through five stages.

  • Opening: in small groups, we use activities to bring unconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface that we will work with during the day.
  • Enlivening: Hapé Ceremony: our trained and experienced facilitators will serve Hape and hold space for each person to ground, open, and prepare for the connected breathing.
  • Clearing: Connected breathing technique and sound session which allows you to explore different states of consciousness, energy, and healing by using your own breath.
  • Integration: Soundscape live journey to clear debris and get grounded, including guided body scan and guided meditation by Amber.
  • Debrief: connect in small groups to debrief, find clarity and connection and continue to integrate the experience.

It doesn't matter whether you're brand new to this *work*, or you're more established.

We all benefit from clearing old patterns and cycles, removing a distraction from our minds, and opening our hearts.

That way we have less knowledge, more inner wisdom, and a clear channel of intuitive connection for which we can create, play, give, experience, and do what fulfills us in this life.

I (Amber) have a background in medical science as well as a multidisciplinary approach to emotional healing.

My professional quals range from Performance Breathwork Certification with the Oxygen Advantage and a Traditional Hatha Yoga and Pranayam (breath) Teacher Training. Additionally, I have a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, am a certified Repatterning and Regression Therapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practicioner, and am experienced in other holistic modalities such as meditation, somatic healing and light body activation.

"I took away a sense of raw honesty with myself, a real personal level of accountability that I was pussy-footing around. I also saw my true nature of perseverance and the courage to dive deeper. I experienced a multitude of physical sensations and I surrendered to them all equally. Thank you so much for providing this day."

Hayley Gorlitz-Wilsdon

Everything we do is from a place of professional training with facilitators who have a combined three decades of experience and practice in both connected breathing which is medically and scientifically backed and the traditional and ceremonial delivery of the amazonian Hape’.

The investment for this ceremony reflects the depth of work our team carries out before, during, and afterward. With pre dietary guidelines prior (received in your welcome email) to post-event follow up and integrating techniques, we want to ensure you are supported with the utmost care from beginning to end.

The two modalities we use are their own entire experience. We combine the two because the nature of any work I facilitate is thorough and for those who simply do not want to skim over life. We bring an immense amount of experience and the level of safety and support you receive in the container is far greater than most events in this arena. Each person gets one on one time with a facilitator no less than once and are checked an avereage of 3-4 times during the day, personally.

The important thing to understand is that this day isn’t about performance nor is it about fixing or finding yourself. Our teachings are founded on a very basic principle —  balance. That looks and feels different for everyone, which is more to the point of you recognising your own source of fulfillment and power.

For some, healing of the past and present occurs, for others, they have a remembrance of purpose.

For most, a connection to their heart center.

We don’t dig for pain nor do we want you beating your chest with pride or *power*.

We simply facilitate a journey that you get to bring your intention to and go about traversing as we support, guide, hold and ground you.

It was like you grabbed my hand and took me and my can opener for a little walk of discovering what is already there which is probably the most empowering thing, now I need to not forget xx"

Meagan Huis

Take Home Practices

During the introduction and after the debrief we will be giving a total of three practices to implement into your life and if you like, your personal practice.

  • A breathwork practice that balances your body all its systems and re-programs your nervous system to operate from a place of mental calm and emotional balance.
  • A meditative practice to ground yourself and clear your mind.
  • A self-reflective practice to use weekly that supports growth increases clarity and encourages responsibility, humility, and growth in a way that adds to your life without feeling like some personal development practiser you’re just ticking off.

We have a crew of facilitators who have dedicated their lives to maintaining the integrity of this kind of work. We care about creating a space where you feel both incredibly safe and free.

What to Bring

  • A yoga mat and cushion to sit on
  • A scarf or eye mask to block light completely
  • Full water bottle
  • Fruit/veggie/nut snack
  • A light blanket
  • Journal for notes (optional)

See below for another look into the day and testimonials from previous attendees. I look forward to having you there. 

On a really rad note, Humanitix Booking Fees are 100% donated to a NFP of choice, which means you are giving about 10 bucks to the nominated non for profit organisation. Yalari: A better start for disadvantaged Indigenous students: Only 65% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students complete year 12, so we’re funding scholarships so that every student has an equal chance.

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Acknowledgment of Country

We recognise the continuous and deep connection to Country of Aboriginal people as the first peoples of this nation. In this way we respectfully acknowledge the Custodians of this land, sea and sky. We pay tribute to the Elders past and present and also respect the collective ancestry that has brought us all here today. It is a privilege to be present on Country and we hope that our work supports this land, sea and spirit.