Soothing The Triggered Feminine With Our Inner Masculine | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

If we do not learn to empower our own masculine when our feminine wounds are triggered (regardless of gender), we will forever default to manipulation, blame, guilt, shame and hysteria and call it ‘expression of the wild feminine’.

We might do this alone, or we might project and expect the masculine energy closest to us, to ‘see’ and ‘witness’ our hysteria.

When we are out of our body, identified with our wound or waiting to be saved, this is not divine expression, its projection, and manipulation. 

This video is 1% of the wholeness of this topic. However, my intention here is to encourage you/our world to give more power to ourselves by using the skills of an integrated masculine within, to meet our own pain, and learn to be self-soothing.

When we empower our masculine, we can drop into our bodies, expand our awareness, and hold space instead of flinching at our pain.

Maureen Murdock describes meeting our own feminine as such:

“This is unchartered territory. It’s dark, moist, bloody, and lonely. I see no allies, no comfort, no signs out. I feel scraped, open, and raw. I look for the dismembered parts of myself — something recognizable — but there are only fragments and I don’t know how to put them together. This is unlike any struggle I’ve had before. It’s not the conquest of the other, it’s coming face to face with myself. I walk naked looking for the Mother. Looking to reclaim the parts of myself that have not seen the light of day. They must be here in the darkness. They wait for me to find them because they no longer trust. I have disowned them before. They are my treasured, but I have to dig for them. This journey is not about some fairy Godmother showing me the way out. I dig… for patience, for the courage to endure the dark, for the perseverance not to rise to the light prematurely, cutting short my meeting with the Mother”.

In this video, I touch on;

  • The danger of leaning so far into the feminine you cannot differentiate between your trauma patterns and embodied expression.
  • The oppression and rejection of the feminine within ourselves.
  • Balance is more powerful than mastering the ‘Masculine’ or the ‘Feminine’.
  • The nature of shame, guilt, blame, and criticism.
  • How the masculine energy within can lead us to our own rescue.
  • Honoring your version of the expression of each energy.



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