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Presence is everything

Ever wondered the secret to great orgasms? 
Me too. Well, today’s formula for freedom is transferable to many things in life that are - erm, deeply fulfilling. 
I’ve got three things to teach you that are going to enable you to understand where you’re blocking happiness and joy in your world. Now hear me out - you might be “successful”, have money or a rocking body - but are you fulfilled? 
Do you express yourself fully without fear or resistance? Are you tapped in intuitively or is it all head and logic running your decisions? Do you love with a sense of peace or is there a busyness that’s always hanging over your head and every task you ever do?
The thing is, our world is hooked on feeling good, but lacks the ability to pause and connect with what will actually take us to pleasure land, metaphorically speaking, of course. 
A deep sense of connect with life and ourselves is the ultimate key to experiencing a sense of happiness in all you do - not just at the end of your “goals”. 
This video is going to break down the three components that make up that science of freedom! 
Check it out! 

Are you stimulated or fulfilled?

I would love for you to share with me - are you currently applying any three of these ingredients of freedom in your day to day? If so, which ones!? 
P.S I recently launched my 2018 program which is a combination of retreats and mentoring with me. If you’re someone who digs understanding the intricacies of our emotions, mindset, behaviour and spiritual fulfillment you may want to have a read about it here! 
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