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Sleep has never been a strong point of mine.

At least until Ross River Virus forced me to:

a) make it a priority and

b) do everything I could physically, mentally and emotionally to support deep rest including a meditation I recorded for you today.

We’re talking about a topic that I know busy people (self-included) struggle with but we all need to do …

Chances are if you’re human, you’ve laid in bed at night with your mind going crazy and had trouble sleeping.

Like there’s never a switch you can just flick mentally so you can drop off into restful dreamland – right. Oh man I wish.

You need to lure yourself into sleep tenderly. The old thrash around and get anxious, desperate, frustrated (and if you are anything like me sometimes even cry) when you can’t drop off.

When you’ve got big dreams and you’re juggling relationships, work, health, family and most of all doin’ the ‘work’ — the last thing you want is less sleep.

But here’s the thing. We wire ourselves for overdrive right up until the time we jump into bed.

It’s impossible to expect our minds and bodies to switch off without giving our nervous systems to tender care it needs to support solid rest. 

Personally, lack of sleep not only hinders my bodies regeneration, it literally obliterates my inspiration and creativity.

You want to be a decent human but poor sleep makes everyday life feel like you are up shit creek without a paddle and it’s full of flesh-eating leeches (are they a real thing? who cares, they are now) and there is a hole in the boat.

I created a little-guided meditation that embodies this routine I created to help me get into a really great sleep routine.

In around 20 minutes I guide you through:

  • Relaxing your entire body in a restorative position.
  • Releasing emotional tension and energy held anywhere.
  • Releasing ongoing worry and thoughts that make keep the nervous system wired on.
  • Self-guided instructions for surrendering into a deep restful sleep.

You don’t need to have ross river virus to benefit, just be a human who wants deep rest 🙂

Listen here.



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