The Shadow of Shadow Work | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

What are you really chasing?

Me here, with a potentially unpopular perspective on shadow work.

The moral of the story is DONT TAKE IT ALL SO SERIOUSLY.

A fixation on fixing is in my opinion, neurotic.

Imagine aliens sitting back with popcorn watching people get fixated on berating their ‘shadows’. I can imagine it.

Alien 👽 1 says to Alien 👾 2

“Do they realise they are judging their judgments? And that it’s distracting them from healing through acceptance and emotional intimacy, for which they need to not judge, but simply unconditionally love all parts of themselves and practice being comfortable with shame and vulnerability so they stop trying to outrun their shadows?”.

Anyways. This topic could benefit from more context but I have an acupuncture appointment awaiting me.

A suggestion? Relax. You’ll do more healing by placing your emotional state and energy into one of appreciation than you will, trying to intensely ‘do the work’.

Don’t let the symptom become a distraction and transcendence precede intimacy with yourself.

Big love,


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