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Debunking self love practices

In this video, I get down and dirty about self love.

It’s 13 minutes - oh em gee, I know, how will you find the time? FIND IT. This is important.

In this video I will:

  •  debunk the stock standard self-love advice and let you know the exact reason behind why it doesn't work
  • reveal what you can do when you feel a lack of self confidence, trust or love for yourself and your life
  • give you one very simple and actionable step to impliment into your life today
  •  teach you a concept that can be applied across the board for any creepy little thoughts you have that totally ruin good vibes on a daily basis.

In my opinion, most self help is done so wrong. Not intentionally, in fact, I believe everyone dishing out advice has lovely intentions and it's nice. But nice doesn't often transform your life now does it?  Self-love advice is commonly drenched in niceties and 'feel goods', which is great because - well, feels good, right? Unfortunately what happens is that feel good is short term. Call me a hardass, but I am the kinda gal that, if I am going to do something, I want to do it right. I don’t want you or I to waste energy pouring water into a bucket with a hole in the bottom, so to speak. That energy could go into better things. Like skateboarding, doing puzzles, making love or travelling the world. Ya know, important things. 

If you’ve ever read my work you know that I teach a concept that appears to parallel with self love, but isn't self love. It's called unconditional love and acceptance. I wrote an entire chapter about it in my book. This concept is much deeper than it appears in the chapter summary like this:

"End the internal battle that leads you to sabotage and shrink

away from your potential. Tap into conscious awareness. Let go

of the victim mentality. Let go of blame, guilt, resentment, and

fear that is holding you back. Nurture the titanium strength of

kindness and compassion. No Jedi mind games with your insecurities,

stop sabotaging yourself. Phew."

So as you see, the work is much deeper, addressing the cause of the shame that fuels the feeling of love lacking in the internal and external environments. 

I'm all about yielding long-term results. I know I know, I sound too clinical and cynical. You'll be okay. 

By all means. Keep your mantras, your mirror work and your self love practices, I am all for directing our thoughts in that direction, I simply urge you to go a few layers deeper and add to this work. 

Please leave your comments below about your experience with self-love - have you practised it before? What might you change as a result of seeing this video now?

Hugs for days, 

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