The Disease Of Self Help | Just Be You | Amber Hawken | Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

By trying to empower ourselves, we have actually given our power away.

Have you let self help become a bit too close to self denial?
A big part of life is trusting in the unknown but so is taking responsibility for your life and this is what I about to get a bit sassy about.

I’m all for trusting: I teach it, I practice it – but here is the thing: we’ve gone too far the other way and as a result we’ve forgotten to keep our feet on the ground.

We are in fantasy land, dreaming and wishing, instead of planting ourselves in this world, taking back our power and actually bringing these dreams into real solid form.

There is a certain kind of balance that needs to be introduced back into our world.

We are humans. Imperfect, messy humans, who have a mind that produces thoughts that spin a lot of shiz. The beauty of that, is that our heavy humaness allows us to put what goes on in our mind into life. Now here is the butt end of this stick: if you’re not consciously directing your mind, it will default to negativity and fear and thats what your life will become. But the flip side is that, when you start to be mindful, you direct your mind: you’ve found what brings meaning and purpose to your life and you are going for it, that you can bring this to life, into solid form.

People are trying to be “spiritual” and feel ashamed about emotions. The energetic rainbow of feelings bring so much depths and breadth that we are trying to bypass. We’ve come to a place in “spirituality”, where emotions and feelings are dirty, because “enlightened” people are “detached”. Falling apart is not cool and failure results in a shame because “I manifested this”.

I’m going to question a few off the lines that are equally as dangerous, to help you see a bit of a brighter side of our humanity and actually begin to take power back and not let self help become self denial.

Mmmhmm, have you set up foundations or when you say that are you just burying your head in the sand?

Everything happens for a reason – yes, action/reaction – it’s basic physics, but are you taking responsibility for the action that created the reaction? Are you learning from it?

Everything in perfect timing – sure, but have you put in effort to create and done everything in your power to make it happen or are you justifying procrastination and laziness?

My favourite bypass – “I’m manifesting it, I say my affirmations every morning”.

This is my fav, because there are four things that you need to do, not just affirm yourself.

  1. Beliefs  – feelings
  2. Thoughts
  3. Actions
  4. Catch your fear and let it go again and again and again

You have to do them all!

That’s livin’ – thats being human.

That’s self help that works.

How are you going to take more responsibility for your actions? Drop me a comment over on Insta!


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