The Essential Piece That Self Help Is Missing | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

The self-helpy/spiritual world is grinding my gears a little bit.

Words like ‘trauma‘ and ‘healing‘ have become a bit too wishy-washy and thrown around that we’re kinda missing an essential piece of this personal development stuff…

The HUMAN stuff.

In this video I unpack WHY self help can actually be another way to AVOID discomfort and perpetuate the cycle of self sabotage. Not ideal..

Self sabotage can’t always be addressed through surface level techniques. We gotta go DEEPER than that. And, I know so many of us want the treasure (happiness, success, love, the ‘perfect’ healthy body, financial freedom, insert your vision board here) without slaying the dragon (suppressed emotions). 

This is the FIRST video of a new 4-part series called, ‘Being Human’. I feel we gotta bring it back to the magic of being human, do you feel me? Self-help has become another way for us to pursue perfection — and I reckon being Human AF is pretty fun when we accept our messy, imperfect, humanness.



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