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I love spiders. 

An Aussie, a queen from Louisiana and a tarantula walk into a room…..

I have a VERY potent life lesson to teach from a traumatising experience I had this morning. I’d love your support with sharing it.

In this exhibition of great courage, I learnt a powerful lesson.

The lesson of self-doubt.

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So many times in my life, I have had a tarantula (a story about how bad/scary/painful something is) in my room (head) and I’ve gone to extreme lengths to go and get a spatula, ceramic bowl, roll of napkins and sturdy cutting board (over serviced, over worked, over meditated, avoided, fed fear, pulled apart the problem, repeated story in my head over and over to increase paralysis and justify avoidance), only to realise that the tarantula (fear) I was working so hard to “remove” or “overcome” (fix problem, over think emotions, tried to heal, dramatised to anyone who would listen) was only a small and harmless spider (intuitive knowing that meant I had to release control and move into the unknown territories of owning responsibility and making a different choice) that I was unnecessarily over preparing for (sitting in destructive, sabotaging and paralysing patterns because I told myself stories, I continued to focus on the problem and invoke the mantra that there was a big tarantula in my room ( “I’m stuck”, “I do this because X”, “I don’t know”, “I have a block”).

What does this mean?

Most of our sabotage ensues stories about something we make a problem because of the way we thought about it. Because we have not built an intimate and respectful relationship with discomfort, the feeling of expansions or change.

What can you do?


Self, being that fearful monologue we all have going on that it’s particularly skilful at the overproduction of untrue stories about limitations, shame and worst-case scenarios.

That good ol’ skill of doubt so readily available is useful to question the question.

Here are four magical words for you.

Is that REALLY true?

(When asking this, remember that if there is an including of it NOT being true, you can’t say yes. And there are 7 something billion perceptions of reality on this planet, so, chances are, the story is in fact, never really true).

Who’d have guessed, eh?


Lean into what’s a little uncomfortable.

Question the idea that you have a “problem” or a “block”.

I always tell my clients (and myself), you don’t have a block, you have an energetic contraction you just haven’t given breath to yet.

More often than not, when we let ourselves wander into our inspirations and desires, such as receiving love, money, support, inspiration or going on adventures, choosing freedom and creating your art,  the body will contract.

Not because it’s wrong, but because its new and different, a level of joy, a closeness to your true north and notion towards fulfilment and joy that you’re not used to.

Don’t make that a big deal, just remember you’re moving in the right direction and add some breath to it.

Practice the emotions and states of being you that you want to attract more of.

Gratitude is a game-changer for this.

The more you direct meaning of what is in a way that empowers you (e.g. instead of “this traffic sucks”, you might try, “awesome, I have enough money to have a car and more time to listen to The Amber Hawken Podcast”), the more empowered you will feel/be/have/create.

Train yourself to experience life in its full spectrum.

When we feel both love and fear together, at the same time, the heart breaks out of its shell.

And to live with an open heart is to experience life full strength.


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