30 | Amber Hawken | The Practice of Self Connection Unpacked | The Amber Hawken Podcast

Oh man, Welcome and thanks for being here.

It’s been almost 15 months since I last released an episode and I’m stoked you are here.

This episode is a solo session with myself where I will be teaching something that is the core of what I bring to any event, workshop, one on one session, retreat, corporate event and of course my own personal practice; self connection.

In this episode I take you through:

  • The different associate elements of intuition, thought, feelings, emotions, motivation, action and results
  • How to increase the fire for change towards what you want to expand on and create on in your life
  • What prevents us following through with ideas of change
  • The loop of negativity we often unconsciously find ourselves in and how to reverse it
  • Explanation of self connection on a practical level
  • How to use the breath to release tension or built up emotions
  • How to use our breath to bring the mind, body, feelings/emotions and nervous system into balance
  • A meditation that you can use anytime to come into your centre and connect to the present moment, recalibrating your mind, body and emotions with calm
  • My background and different businesses I have that are relevant to what Im teaching in the podcast

Guys, I’m so bloody glad to be back. I have some epic guests coming up on the podcast, so please make sure you head over to your favourite platform iTunes, Spotify or Libsyn and subscribe.

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I would love to know how you went with this episode. Please leave a comment below about your experience with the guided meditation at then end. Did you notice a change in your energy or mental state?

Until next time!