The Universal Laws & Scotch Finger Biscuits | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

The lessons we least expect..

A little old Scottish woman once taught me the ways of the universe in terms of Scotch Finger biscuits….

There were just a few left on the little plate of freebies at the cafe when some little kiddies ran over and grabbed the last of them. ⠀

A little old lady with bright pink lipstick looked at me looking at the biscuits and said in a thick Scottish accent, “Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye”.

A few minutes passed and the waitress walked out with ginger snaps (I fucking love ginger snaps). ⠀

At that moment I understood what she meant –  “chill the fuck out, you can’t miss what’s meant for you”.⠀

Life is always rearranging itself perfectly for you. ⠀

No need to worry if what you want or what is yours disappears, or perhaps never arrives, because it’s either on its way or in a form you weren’t expecting or something better suited to you is coming. ⠀

If we buy into the idea that life isn’t working with us and has a cap on how many dreams of ours it will fulfill, then we’re accepting that the universe is taunting us, working against us, and giving us nudges that would only result in disappointment. ⠀

But if we assume the universe is an intelligent being that knows what it’s doing, and that it really enjoys realising itself through our expression, we can trust that what we are inspired about, are specific instructions to follow. ⠀

No need to question if it’s meant for you for not, simply live from the assumption it is. Work towards it from that place of trust and suddenly, you’re pulled and met by life, rather than pushing and chasing it.

Scarcity, which leaks from fear of powerlessness, the rejection of vulnerability and denial of deep unconditional love of self (and others) is a paradigm we need to dismantle in ourselves first. Not someday, right now. 

Sometimes the dream, creative work we launch, relationship, city, the event, is simply a carrot leading us towards our next step. Hence the need for detachment. 

For the sake of every life on earth – when we trust in our own inner knowing and follow that pull without expectation of how it will all pan out (be flexible with the details), we can safely assume we don’t have to fight, take, steal or hoard. ⠀

We are self-governed, liberated, judgment-free creative beings. ⠀

We can respect the laws of reciprocity which fuel all and keep us rising together, without anyone going without.  ⠀

Big stuff right? Almost unbelievable. Thing is, the work of this world starts within.⠀

Remember, nothing is effective or sustainable if we’re screaming at masses to change when we are still out of alignment.⠀

Begin where you are, even if it’s choosing the outfit you’ve always thought was too lairy or forgiving that person who hasn’t apologised. 

The universal gift of you is the wealth itself, and it comes in infinite forms.⠀




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