51 | Sammi Jane | Awakening Womb Wisdom | The Amber Hawken Podcast

Awaken your womb, awaken your creative potential…

Sammi Jane is a deliciously wise woman who brings light to the consciousness of the womb and its wisdom. And no, you don’t need a physical womb in order for this to make sense, matter or tap into the flow of life’s infinite energy.

Sammi Jane is the creatrix behind www.thewombanspace.com, a trained exercise physiologist and holistic wellness coach. Sammi was initiated onto the shamanic path from Spirit through both kundalini and womb awakenings.

We touch on

  • What is “Womb Wisdom”, and why would we want to ‘awaken’ it?
  • How this wisdom and energy connection to creativity
  • What the male version of the womb is
  • How can we know if we are blocked/disconnected from our womb
  • Practices you can do to begin connecting with your womb consciousness
  • The unification of masculine and feminine energy in relation to this wisdom
  • And SO much more…

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