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Get Better at Pleasure

Rosie Rees blew my mind in more ways than one and she is going to blow yours.

Ladies this is predominately for your education, however, guys - please - listen.

There are a lot of powerful takeaways as a man (or partner) that can help you understand what women need to trust you,  and for you to help them hit that pleasure spot.

It's most probably (definitely) not what you think or what you read in the nudie magazines or watch on Redtube! Oh - did I just say that?

You're about to learn:

  • How to access more pleasure in your life both sexually and on all other levels.
  • The power of stripping back everything and forming a deep sense of respect for our bodies which can lead us to many breakthroughs in other areas of our life.
  • How unconscious sex and the overuse of toys can desensitise us - and ruin any chance of pleasure and climax.
  • The power of using your sexual energy for more than just an orgasm.
  • Moving through taboo of self-pleasure, sex and nudity.
  • Orgasms. How to have orgasms (even if you believe you can't), more of them and different kinds!
  • What "Sexual Magic" is and how to use it to manifest epic things in your life.
  • The most important question a man can ask a woman and vice versa (or partner to partner for all my same-sex epic beings out there).
  • Toys, eggs, pleasure wands and breathing for better climax and connection on an intimate level with yourself.
  • How noise is going to amplify, well, everything.
  • Expression - how it's vital for deeper mind-blowing love-making.
  • Internet dating - intention is everything!

And so much more.

Seriously - I don't think you need convincing, just go and listen - now!


Permission gives you pleasure!

Please hit us both back with a comment below on your biggest takeaway!
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