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Disruption and Connection

Ronsley Vaz is not only one of my dearest friends, he is the creative director, owner and head daydreamer at Amplify - the biggest audio agency on the planet. 
His heart is bigger than Mt Everest and his humour is sharper than a tac.
This is just the start (there is a lot) of what we cover in today's episode:
  • What is 'quality connection', and how do we get it.
  • How to embrace disruption in the most powerful way, as opposed to being afraid of it.
  • The fruition of unconscious, conscious and subconscious success.
  • Sex trafficking - what we can do to prevent it right away.
  • Why difficult conversations are the best conversations to have.
  • How quantity reduces quality. 
  • How to always be “better” today than you were yesterday.
  • How you might already be having great conversations that could connect with your audience/friends/lovers/your.own diary, that could have a positive lifetime impact.
  • Discover if you are escaping your life in an unhealthy way without even knowing it.
  • Why deep conversations are the only conversations we should have.
  • How your environment dictates your success.
  • How the boxes and divisions of society that we adopt, create fear within ourselves and how it’s destroying us
  • Challenge every single one of your beliefs and embrace growth.
  • How to “Just Be”.
  • Unfucking yourself.
  • Top three points on amplification of messages and conversations that are important to you.
  • How to ask questions that lead to an awareness that subsequently, change your life forever.


P.S I talk way too much when I interview my best mates - my bad. The upside - I have amazing friends <3

Podcasting is king!

Um, freaking hell. So much goodness. YUM!!! 
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