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Ladies and Gents and everything above, below and in between.

My most well-bashed topic of 2018, resilience, is here.

I get asked all the time how to be more confident, how to stop sabotaging, how to not fear rejection or failure. The truth is, all of those fears about not being enough, the desires and habits that pull you back into toxic patterns, relationships and dark holes of pity are in your head. I promise.

They begin and they end there. And while they exist there, they trigger emotions, filter reality and you’re basically at the beck and call of your mind/emotions. A bag of flesh that needs water, greens and lots and lots of pizza and Netflix to survive. 

If, of course, you don’t understand that the mind is something you can work with – if and only if, you are willing to apply yourself.

In this audio, I cover the fundamental tools and skills you need to learn (that really are not too hard, more so just require practice) to be able to build resilience that lasts.

A few things I touch on include:

Why the busy person finds it so hard to stop being busy, even when they really want to (and what they can do about that).

Why moving gently into discomfort is more important than pushing through it.

What creates upper limits and how to overcome them.

Why we rely on things outside of ourselves for happiness.

What causes a lack of contentment.

Why our sense of who we think we are holds us back from feeling content in life.

Why the most average choice you could ever make is choosing to live in a way that is simply, average.

The difference between happiness and fulfilment, and why understanding this will allow you to stop depending on external factors to make you feel content.

So yeh, basically I dive into 45minutes of laying out the foundations of what it truly takes to be resilient. It is so much less about being so strong that nothing can touch you, and so much more about being open to life and all it’s possibilities so that the unexpected, unpredicted and uncomfortable don’t have you losing your shit nuts.

This audio is actually the very first audio in the Calm Mind Program For Everyday People which is now live.

I wanted to share this because the program is one of the most affordable and impactful pieces of work I have ever placed my heart into that fits into the life of literally, everybody. So, at the very least, I thought I’d share the beginning of this program with you because I know that so many people who read and listen and watch my work are the busy kind who find it hard to slow down and feel content.

So here it is. Take a listen.


Now if you are not totally frothing at the bit to learn mindfulness and meditation after this, I want to know why. Seriously. I adore being questioned because it allows me to understand further the blocks people face in committing to their own joy. So if you like, email and let me know if you still have doubts or questions. I will personally reply to them all!

If you dig it, then come and check out the program here. Let it blow your mind (and limits) away.

Have an epic week!


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