#28 | Kelsey Grant | Healthy Boundaries Are Key For Legendary Love | Just Be You Podcast with Amber Hawken

Boundaries are just information that allows another person to love you best

So often I hear from my clients, ‘how the heck do I create boundaries?’ or ‘I’m so bad at boundaries. I have none.’ or ‘what even are boundaries?’ so I feel this conversation is a must for all women – because creating healthy boundaries allows us to experience a deeper sense of love and understanding between ourselves and others. Boom.

Kelsey Grant is passionate about living in a world where people feel inspired, fulfilled, balanced and happy within the expansiveness of their intimate relationships. As a Love and Relationship Educator rooted in Radical Self Love Methodology, she writes, speaks and teaches men and women the art of accessing greater alignment with themselves, one another and the essence of true love. Kelsey so eloquently teaches the art of uncrossing the wires of understanding between men and women, expanding self-awareness and leveling up relational development, so legendary love, healthy relationships and sustainable partnership become possible again in this disconnected digital age.

She unpacks how our family dynamics growing up affect our relational intelligence, and how we can navigate the tough stuff like heartbreak with wit, humour and the best giggle I’ve heard in ages. We vibe on all this and more:

  • Moving through breakups
  • The danger of putting your partner on a pedestal
  • Boundaries 101what the heck they are & how we create them
  • The different types of boundaries
  • Unpacking boundaries within a family system
  • How abandonment plays out in our relationship dynamic
  • Why humour is an integral part of successful relationships
  • The role of the ‘runner’ & the ‘chaser’ within a couple
  • The danger of not communicating expectations
  • How to use conflict to strengthen union
  • How to bring up vulnerable conversations with a partner (or potential partner)

Own your side of the relationship

Listen in right til the end where Kelsey shares her mic drop last words on what she advises is THE most important thing we can all do in service of our relationships and catch more of her work through all of her social media platforms:
@radicalselflove on Instagram
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