Hi, I'm Amber!

If you have found your way here, you are probably thinking ‘I don’t think I really need a coach/mentor’ I don’t that stuff is just not me. That would mean you were ‘weak’ or that you couldn’t ‘work it out' for yourself, right?


I get it. How did I know?

Because you’re the exact person I work with. And you probably have a keen dislike for wishy-washy personal development such as I do.
So the thought of ‘asking for help’, makes you squirm a bit? What will people think? Surely it’ll work itself out, it’s not that bad.

Screw that, let’s be honest.

You aren’t one to settle, so why push bricks up a hill any longer?


When I am not profusely bashing my keyboard, filming or podcasting in a passionate binge of writing about how to master your life, or sporting a red lipstick on stage teaching just that, I mentor, coach and teach people one on one.

You are here because you’re fu-king magnificent, but you’re holding yourself back and part of you knows it. But you cannot seem to figure out how to get past where you are. You potentially don’t even know what you want, but you know it’s not ‘this’. It’s why you’ve wormed your way through my videos or other content to see if you can dig deeper to find said magnificence.

My work is dedicated to all of the souls who are yet to discover their brilliance.

To enable them to crack their stories of sabotage and worthlessness and shine their innate magnificence upon the world.

Yes, seriously. I just said that.

Lets cut to the chase, I am not a ‘life coach’ per se. I don’t “inspire” or “motivate” you, make you feel good, get you to do a pretty vision board or morning self love mantras.
I have a variation of qualifications in re-patterning and cognitive behavioural therapy, nuero-analysis and programming, emotional healing and balancing. I have a vast experience in teaching an embodiment of a wholesome life and spiritual philosophy (which essentially is alignment of your deepest values in yourself and life, not humming Om and giving up all material possessions).
I assist people to work through mental, emotional and or spiritual blocks, that have manifested as things you feel you want to change or achieve in your life . For example: 10KG you can’t lose, massive potential you can’t seem to tap into, career success sabotaged by doubt and fear, relationships that have turned toxic or perhaps don’t even exist, buried pain or trauma from the past, food you can’t stop binging on, a constant struggle with money, exhaustion from stress, self pressure and perfectionism, or in general feeling out of touch, inauthentic or lacking purpose.

I believe without a shadow of doubt, that’s why we are here and that authenticity is the root of all inner and outer success.

Without authenticity, there is no creative expression, which is ultimately the only thing that fulfils us as a soul.

It also gives birth to evolution and expansion in every area of life.

Be it mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, vocationally, financially in relationships and even time/organisation.

It all begins with tearing down the layers of the ego and bringing it back to the simple truth of who you are, what you value and living it.


Whilst you might have some pressing blocks you want to work through or plans you want to make, let me be clear. This is not a ‘you are broken and need my help’ situation. Even if you think you might be somehow because you keep on running the same tracks in your life over and over, this is a ‘you are here to learn, let go, evolve and express yourself’ kind of relationship.

Let’s have a chat, totally obligation free and we can see if working with me is a fit?

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I know it’s broad, but if you really want any of the following it might be a good idea to work with someone who specialises in helping you to:
  • Stop caring about what others think and being hunted by overwhelm, anxiety and stress.
  • Discover how to master creating meaning in your life and living it – more that just being ‘satisfied’
  • Making a plan to move forward with security and confidence in your successful future results
  • Teach you effective strategies to grow and enhance your own life on a consistent basis
  • Overcome obstacles and sabotage right now and in the future
  • Show you how to stop being a slave to your emotions, self doubt or worry
  • Depend your connection to life; an expansiveness you have maybe heard of but don’t quite understand how to experience
  • Find clarity on who it is you really are, your purpose, where you are going and how to get there

After 1,000 or so clients, I’ve become fairly decent at helping people do just this (apparently according to what clients say).

When I think of Amber as a mentor there are four words that come to mind. Empower, educate, passion and transform. Her ability to see through your self taught limits, is incredibly impressive and accurate. Her knowledge is above any coach, guide, mentor or “personal development guru” I’ve come across. The greatest lifetime investment I have ever made.

Kylie Hobson

Amber pushed me to almost every limit I had created for myself. During our sessions, I’d constantly be caught out despite believing I am a fairly self aware person. She is a mentor of mentors. The methods she uses are subtly powerful and to the point. She is assertive without being pushy; I always feel safe with her firm honesty, respect and encouragement. She is not only my coach but also my mentor and I would HIGHLY recommend Amber, you’ll never look back.

Leah Musch

How does working with me generally look?

The work I do always begins with removing exactly what created the problem or block in the first place; the cause. Once we pull that out at the root, you will see a positive domino effect, ripple throughout the rest of your life.
I am very straight forward but always hold space with patience and compassion (sometimes there are unexpected tears). I make jokes, you laugh, I get serious, we do the work, we make action plans, we breakthrough what needs to be broken through, we reverse toxic patterns, release beliefs that block and limit your life and expand your potential. You also learn, a lot as I teach you how to move through or prevent similar situations in the future.
(pre-warning, wishy-washy words ahead)
The short answer is – getting from where you are, to where you want to go, (A – B) in the four following steps.
The long answer is – depending on where you are when you arrived, is where we begin.
NB The four stages and the tools used during them can be washed, rinsed and repeated for results in the future (because we will always have problems to work through, challenges we come across, that is why learning about yourself is so damn important).


1 Extract distraction:

Dig into the current acute pain that triggered you to seek me out, and work through it. (ahhh relief) This is often the distracted from what’s really going on but can be emotionally consuming, so needs to be dealt with.

2 Get to the cause:

Peel back any layers of confusion, fear, doubt, shame, sabotage and insecurities, find the origin of sabotaging beliefs and dissolve them away. (While teaching you how so you can do it again in the future)

3 Get clear and get connected:

Help you discover who you are at your core, observe any areas of you life that is incongruent with you, and start to break down old beliefs to be able to get you aligned with that inner essence and core values.

4 Actioning and creating a strong foundation for the future:

Create a map of your life for where to go from here, taking into about 7 areas of life.

I work with people, generally who want more from life and are not willing to settle any longer. If you are 100% honest with yourself, that’s why you are here.

You’ve tried to work through it yourself and feel you probably “should” be able to figure it out. But here you are, fed up, frustrated and had enough. My words connected with you in some way, so you went searching.

The truth is, knowledge, without direction is useless. You might be the most powerful, intelligent, knowledgable person out there, but if you are not able to apply it because is something deeper; such a past pain you haven’t bothered to attend to or felt was even important, subconscious sabotage, fear or confusion; it is useless.


The type of clients I work best with and their results

Example Clients

*Empowered Go Getters With Trapped Potential

*Achievers Ready to Step Up

*Indecisive & Scattered Entrepreneurs

*People in an Identity Shift Phase

*Lost Wanderers

*Midlife Crisis Ready to Rise

*Spring Chickens Finding Wanting Clarity & Direction

Example Goals

*Get out of toxic relationships, or get into a loving one

*Lose weight, get healthy

*Build a meaningful business

*Discover their power and self-worth

*Giving up addictions

*Breakthrough depression and anxiety

*Spiritual fulfilment

This can be a big decision, so I have pondereed on what my top objections and worries were when I first invested more money than I was comfortable with into a coach and they were:


I can’t afford it

Money is one of the most subtle ways we sabotage growth and loving ourselves. I have flexible payment plans [I’ve had a single mother of 7 bake cup cakes to pay off her coaching – which actually turned into a business]. Investing in you is energetically telling life you are worth it, the courage it takes to do this in itself is part of the shift and transformation. Remember discomfort = growth. What else is possibly more worthy than you? Money is energy. You make money to take care of yourself, so take care of yourself in more than survival ways every once in a while. You CAN afford to do the things you want to do.

I don’t know if I am ready for this just yet

‘Ready’ is the ego’s code for ‘let me keep you trapped in your smallness a little bit longer’. You will never be ‘ready’, how can you expect to prepare for the greatest evolution of life? Needing to be ‘ready’ is a procrastinating story that destroys us all.

I feel guilty when my kids/significant other will be affected financially

Does your soul truly believe that the best version of yourself is going to be something rejected in your home? If so, maybe that’s something to consider. Sometimes we need to admit that to grow, we have to commit to a little bit of discomfort, including those around us. The intention is pure and the results are life changing. Your growth and empowerment benefits every single person in your life.

I have tried things like counselling and psychology before, how is this different?

I am not a counsellor or psychologist. I am a mentor, a teacher a supporter and a mirror. I am a non bullshit logical, philosophical, tactic giving, subconscious mind whisperer that reaches into the depths of your soul and draws our your magic. I am also a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Master Life Coach and qualified in Deep State Re-patterning. I’ve travelled the world learning the skills that breakthrough all barriers, from some of the masters in peak performance including Dr John Demartini, Chloe Madanes and Anthony Robbins. I have over half a decades experience teaching personal empowerment on stages. I will stop at nothing to get you where you want to go (as long as you are willing to do the work of course). You also have lifetime access to my support forum and $250,000 worth of personal development recourses in my online vault.

I don’t think it’s actually possible for me to achieve greatness like you say it is

Every single human has incredible potential. My life has meaning because of those kinds of beliefs systems, which I take great pleasure in helping you abolish. All you have to do is choose you and we can get started in helping you tap into that greatness right now.

How are you different to other coaches?

Good question.

Formally, I am a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Deep State Repatterining Therapist, Master Coach and a graduate of Anthony Robbins Leadership and Coaching Programs.

Translation; I work with past, present and future. So whether you are blocked from the past, wanting to move through something that’s really ticking you off now (current sabotage/fear etc) or want to move into your future, I’ve got you covered. It sounds all fancy, but truthfully I have studied such a broad range of different modalities because of my own curiosities about how the mind, emotions, body and soul all work together.

I have worked with over 1,000 people one on one and spoken to over 30,000 people in live audiences. By telling you this, I guess I am giving you a bit of a safety net to know, I am not some scamming weirdo who did a weekend course. I have dedicated my life to teaching self-mastery, and I’ve been pretty successful at it.

Am I weak/stupid if I work with a coach?

There is a misconception about coaching/mentoring that I would like to begin with.

Choosing to work with someone who understands the mind, emotions and spirit is not weakness, it’s courageous, responsible and endlessly rewarding.

While you potentially stumbled onto me because you feel you want to work through an acute issue like overcome a trauma, a sabotage, an insecurity, a fear or confusion or finding direction and making a plan for your life. What you are really looking for (even if you don’t know it) are tools that you don’t yet have.

You might be an incredible mum, person trainer, accountant, teacher, partner, entrepreneur. Those are skills and talents you have and you can help people with them. When someone hires a book keeper to help with their books, does that make them an idiot? No, it makes them effective. Same goes with mentoring with me.

If you have tried over and over again to work it out yourself but can’t, then stop being so stubborn, if you feel this is right for you (before fear kicked in), please stop holding yourself back.

Why is my investment in the thousands?

I put a lot of effort into my free content because I truly want to help people. The bottom line is, I value my qualifications and experience and most of all, the past results of my clients as priceless. However, obviously money is a value in our society and exchange of service for coins is how we roll in the world. The higher investment point is based on the premise of simple quality and result. I am dedicated to delivery the highest quality results to my clients, and I know I can. In saying this, reality is, often the people I work with do not value themselves initially or want to work with me because they are sabotaging, this often includes money for most people. That’s why I have flexible payment plan and credit card options. So the investment is the same, but it means it’s achievable for anyone to budget in, to be transform their life forever.

How is NLP/Coaching/Deep State Repatterning different to a psychologist?

I love this article, it covers off this question perfectly.


I want you to be completely risk free and confident in your decision, below you can book an enquir and I give you 30mins of my time where you can “test” me out, chat and ask any questions about working with me before making any decisions.
Step 1

You simply need to click  the – book enquiry – button below which sends you to a questionnaire (please answer I know it takes time, it’s worth it) and eventually a booking page which you can select a time to chat to me. If you get lost in this, just email hello@amberhawken.com and ask questions or let me know you are interested. Make sure that in that email provide your best phone number and Skype details (or if you don’t have Skype, don’t worry we will set you up) to avoid too much back and forth! 

Step 2

Once you either a) book in through to process below or b) get lost and email me, I will a) touch base with you to confirm the time you chose or b) email you back and set up a suitable time for a quick chat; you get to speak to me in person to ask any further questions and we make sure we are a good fit together

Step 3

Once we decide to move forward and the number of sessions (which I recommend after I speak with you and asses your goals and current situation), we book in your first session and I send you a welcome gift (unique to each client to support their goals) and give you access to the online resource vault and support forum

Step 4

Payment options are a) paid in full with a 5% discount or b) flexible payment plans starting at as little as $100 per week. We discuss this during the call and set this up before booking in your first session

Step 5

The sessions go for 55 minutes each and are usually a week apart for the first three and then you have the option of fortnightly or monthly if I feel comfortable with the progress. You also have unlimited email access to pick my brain and get as much support as you feel you need between sessions

Step 6

After the total first round of sessions are completed, there is an option to go on a maintenance program on a month to month basis (discussed during the second last session)

Step 7

Freedom. Experience the power of empowerment. Start living how you desire.

Enjoy the lightness of what breakthroughs, clarity, plans, awareness, letting go, connection and outer alignment of inner values feels like. Start to watch the world around you unfold.



There is one thing for sure when you work with me:
Your life will never be the same again.

Here are some of the results and feedback some of my (still current) clients have given:

Amber has this incredible way of awakening your soul, inspiring you to take control of your life and to own every inch of who you are.

– Ellen Travassaros


Amber’s coaching infuses my soul deeply with her message, inspiring me from the inside out, while empowering me through passion and straight talking authenticity.

– Lauren Dionysius


Amber has an amazing ability to help you connect you to your inner self and your core existence. She is able to help you identify and break down the barriers that you have created and accepted and provide you the tools to help build and move forward. She does this in a beautifully honest and caring way to encourage you that it is hard but your are amazing. Amber helped me move from a place of unhappiness and aloneness to embracing me. She has helped me control my emotions and thoughts to change my life.

– Jessica Laid

Amber has an incredible gift at public speaking & mentorship. She not only understands human behaviour in a fun and engaging way which she passionately and effectively communicates that knowledge, she also gives us the tools to be able to apply this into our lives so we can be our best mentally and physically.

-Emily Skye


The best thing about Amber is, you know change is about to happen at a new level. After working with her, I am so empowered. I recognise my gifts and true potential and have completely changed my thinking. My life is so much more fulfilling instead of shallow and uncertain. My mind is my greatest tool and she taught me this so well.

– Andrew Thorpe



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